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Comment OUTSOURCE! (Score 1) 260

There are folks with far more experience at providing a much more complete set of Security tips tailored to specific audiences than you can possibly come up with in the time you've been alloted to complete this project.

Comment Hurray! I've been saying this for years! (Score 5, Interesting) 173

I also promote in-office online banking and other personal business but the company balked when I suggested catered meals would also boost productivity by lowering stress levels caused by having to go out and forage, and the health benefits of not wolfing down food. Another company agreed with me and even hired a masage therapist because they found lowering stress levels among employees caused the biggest spike in productivity.

Comment I've been waiting for this! Dream coming true! (Score 1) 192

A tradepaperback, each of the 1, 2, 3, or more hundred double-sided touch-capable OLED pages, with cpu, ram, terabyte flash, & other devs, also "printed" using similar techniques, as layers of the cover, powered by a "printed" air-battery & "printed" solar cells. Looks like a book, feels like a book, but wow the capabilities...

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