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Comment Re:Oh shut up (Score 1) 2058

"It would be a case of 'Pay $75/year in insurance, or pay the full cost if there is a fire.'" And what if they can't pay the full cost of the fire. And how would you know... right then... while the house is burning down? Oh and since libertarians aren't against all governments, then we are just debating which government services are essential. Personally, since my body doesn't seem differentiate between my dying from a terrorist bomb or cancer, I'd put health care on the essential list. Truth be told, since my chance of dieing from a terrorist attack is much, much, much less than from say a heart attack, I prioritize health care above the military.

Comment Re:Because we all know (Score 1) 1565

Well I do not know what "transactions" you are talking about, but it is a little too convenient and self-serving that you want to be the ultimate decider as to the scope of your actions.

Also, how do account for the fact that you might not even know the true scope. There are many unintended consequences out there and unless you are an expert in everything, you might not even be aware of them.

Perhaps you are selling an ice cream that is toxic to red headed left-handers, or maybe the new landscaping for your home will cause the next owner of your house to cut a power line with a rotor tiller.

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