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Comment Re:Its a political stunt ... (Score 1) 458

Clinton kicked them off???

Clinton opposed both of those, right until they (and the rest of the "Contract With America") swept the republican Congress into power.

On the balancing the budget, he called it "irresponsible" during the election, then countered with an offer of a year shorter, to which the Republican congress replied with a year shorter, and falling interest rates brought a year shorter than that.

Clinton's role in the balanced budget, though, was in working with those who had defeated him on the issue.


Comment Re:post-1080 available for 15 years... (Score 1) 152

Also, apple is making a move to vector, rather than pixel, graphics with the iPad3 and retina macbook. (I bought both for the reduced eyestrain from things being that much rounder, but I depend on my vision and lots of screen reading for my living . . .)

As more programs adopt the vector rendering, scaling other than 2:1 will become practical.

When you get down to it, though, characters are already too small before this thing can't render them.


Comment Re:Here we go... (Score 1) 182

The real problem with the "volume" argument is that that volume exists only in the low value targets.

The high value targets (e.g., banking) are not running on windows.

And as far as "cracker cred" would go, a linux or Mac virus would put the cracker in a league of his own; the suggestion that it's the larger quantity of windows boxes that makes it the target is just plain silly.


Comment Re:Never designed to be network-aware (Score 1) 182

>CP/M, as a personal computer operating system, was
>specifically designed not to have any sort of security,

It had one little, itty-bitty piece.

CP/M had users 0-15. If memory serves, default was 0, one of the others was reserved for something or another, and setting to any of the other 14 caused only files set to that user to be visible. Or something like that.

And I don't think there was any protection from two users using the same filename; it got overwritten.


Comment Re:Not wat it was in the glory days, but still... (Score 1) 101

>But even with all the changes, Slashdot is still the
>place I go for my all-in-one-place scan of tech news,

Initially, this was the fastest way to get get tech news--once it was somewhere, slashdot linked (and the site went down).

At some point in the late 90s, thought, it fell behind, and the tech stories could be found in the prior day's Wall Street Journal.


Comment Re:Ah, history (Score 1) 101

Some of us held out and didn't create accounts over cookies . . .

Eventually, I just *had* to comment on something, broke down, and took the account (but with great hesitance).

I don't remember if I used a separate browser instance for it back then. eventually, this and a few others (very few) were allowed to have cookies


Comment Re:Old news (Score 1) 218

>Ask yourself, why do we have all these separate
>military services that were designed for roles that
>were standard 200 years ago?

Just taking a wild guess, but it would perhaps be because the Army and Navy kicked the tar out of the British in the War of 1812, while the Air Force failed to shoot down a single plane in that war?

No wonder the other forces don't want to merge with it . . .


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