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Comment Re:"one mind control device" (Score 1) 111

image a world where you didn't need the internet. you didn't need to be connected to one another, and you lived your life dealing with what you had locally. you would turn out to be smarter, faster, and more proficient, perhaps, spending less days associating with a screen that merely duplicated what everyone else was viewing. literally, all your experience would come from working with the real world, and not being driven into the pleasure of having information from a source that you normally don't gain any experience from using.

That world is called the stone age. Being connected with each other, and having lots of information is a good thing.

Comment Re:Everyone should use Symantec products (Score 1) 111

There are very smart hackers out there who can hide shit, privledge escalate, and even get into your linux boxen like no tomorrow and hide from rootkits.

Very smart hackers will not be deterred for a minute by generic consumer antivirus.

I've not run AV since about 2000 or so... had a couple of infections, nothing serious, easily cleaned. If I'm worried, I'll boot off a CD to check the filesystem... very few things can get around that. I constantly have to clean some of my extended family's systems, despite them running up to date AV. Antivirus does not help most of the time, that's the point.

I'll repeat : Antivirus does not stop you getting infected. Saying that you should use antivirus because otherwise you might get infected is like saying you should wear a purple hat because otherwise a tiger might eat you. They're not related.

Comment Re:Go after em Nate (Score 5, Insightful) 335

Here's a pretty straightforward prediction : Higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere will result in higher temperatures.

Here's another : Burning lots of fossil fuels will increase levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.

They're the basic premises of anthropogenic climate change science, and there aren't too many people who disagree with those statements. Predicting exact results is not easy... you don't cast doubt on evolution because it didn't predict HIV (or do you?).

Comment Re:Sex (Score 1) 17

I suspect it is more 'brand' than 'morality'. Let's face it, there are a whole pile of people who just want to be able to exercise authority over others. Whether the justification is moral, legal, religious, or something else matters not one whit.

Comment Re:Estate Taxes (Score 1) 300

As for the kids, that is money that could have gone to give the kids a better childhood or pay for college. Instead, dad saved it for retirement. But he died before he could retire, so now the government gets it instead of him or the kids. It's sick.

You realize that we're talking about a tax with a $5,000,000 exemption in the US, right? Poor Tiny Tim's college and Chrismas Goose money fall well underneath that cutoff.

Cue the handwringing and pearl clutching concerning family farms and businesses...

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