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Comment Re:The government is obsessed with felons (Score 1) 643

If I ever committed a felony in the United States, once I got out of jail I would leave the country one way or another. You become a noncitzen after your conviction. What ever happened to rehabilitation?

There's a good chance that other countries would refuse you admittance with a felony in your history.

Comment Re:To me... (Score 2) 418

he got 34% of the vote, resulting in more than a two-thirds parliamentary majority. Sounds like some serious gerrymandering to me.

It's not necessarily gerrymandering - If you're from the US, you're used to a 2 party system. In many countries, there are 4 or 5 parties that get a significant share of the vote. With a representative system, this leads to very skewed results, in some cases. In the UK (and we've only had 3 parties with a decent share for a while), we've had majority governments with about 34% of the vote relatively recently - it's not because of gerrymandering, it's because of representative democracy.

Comment Re:Dictator hating free speech, news at 11. (Score 2) 418

Besides, the word "democracy" these days is more than just a term for ancient Greek democracy. It includes rule of law, fair treatment of minorities, rules of conduct, and so on.

Yeah... that's not actually what the word means, though. If you include all that, it becomes a social contract (rules of conduct), and that's not what democracy is about at all. I personally am for some kind of democracy almost universally, but completely against universal rules of conduct. Also, the only major country close to a true democracy is Switzerland - everyone else is representation. There's no technical reason why we all can't get more democratic now.

Comment Re:Dictator hating free speech, news at 11. (Score 3, Informative) 418

Hitler and Stalin were both supported by the majority - and they were still dictators.

Hitler never got more than about 35% of the vote in free elections.

However, the last time the party that got into power in the UK got most of the votes cast was in the 70's, IIRC. Most people have voted for someone else in every election since, until the recent coalition (if you include both Tory and LibDem votes as a block).

Comment Re:Dictator hating free speech, news at 11. (Score 1) 418

Almost one fifth of people in Turkey live in Istanbul alone. I haven't had an in depth look at Turkish demographics, but this I find unbelievable on a whole load of levels : "Rural areas are not really developed, thickly populated and essentially exist in conditions that modern urban dweller would find atrocious, similar to those found in early 1900s. But to them, that is normal existence and all they know. Also to them islam is the way of life, like christianity was a way of life to farmers of late early 1900s in USA. These people will vote for islamic parties and they are in a clear majority in Turkey."

One of the heroes of Turkey is Ataturk, whose reforms have a very pro-secular basis.

Personally, I think most of those driving the resurgence of Islamic government in Turkey are similar to those pushing for the same in Western countries - middle or wealthy class, educated people.

Comment Re:My kingdom for an "edit" button! (Score 1) 247

Edit buttons don't work with moderation. If you reply to something stupid, then the original person edits out the stupid thing, your reply can become meaningless, offtopic, strawman, redundant, whatever. Lack of an edit button is a strength.

Following threads that are edited is almost impossible, too - you end up with a mishmash of unrelated comments sometimes.

Comment Re:What a bewildering game (Score 1) 146

...I've never known how to play it. Had the module, but no manual. It was almost as bewildering as Raiders of the Lost Ark. Didn't help that I hadn't, and still haven't, seen either movie (honestly...). Sadly my favourite 2600 games are rarely mentioned any more (most are by Imagic and Activision, not Atari).

Dragon's Lair and Kaboom FTW!

The ET movie had essentially nothing to do with the game. Seeing or not seeing it would in no way change your understanding of the game.

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