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Comment Re:Symantec is saying this? (Score 1) 459

Well I was speaking of the fact that It has caught maybe two or three serious infections, and removed them successfully, but my mom's however is running terribly slow and she is restricted from command prompt, regedit, and changing the background from telling her that she needs to buy XPAntiVirus 2009. I've removed the infections manually from hers, but if she'd just invest in a decent AV program, it prolly wouldn't be infected now...

Comment Re:Symantec is saying this? (Score 0) 459

Actually, I've been using Norton IS 2009, and they have made great improvements on getting rid of bugs and really brought the size down. They also keep less of a draw on system resources, and it's been very effective at removing a lot of infections, some big, some small. The best thing it does is watch what comes in to stop a virus before it is renamed by the browser after downloading. I have noticed a huge difference in how my mom's computer handles virii with a free copy of AVG or something, and how my computer handles virii. I think that the problem with the industry is people expect these AntiVirus programs to protect them wholly, where in fact, it takes some initiative on the user side to know when something is a scam, or a virus, or complete malware. When these expectations aren't met, it gets a bad name, and it all just goes downhill from there.

Comment IPv4 vs IPv6 (Score 1) 264

You know, is IPv6 really necessary for the home user. What I mean is couldn't you just have a router that has a WAN port on IPv6, and then keep the same old IPv4 network at home? It's much easier to ping 127.1, than to ping some odd hex thing with : : : : all over the place...

Comment Why Say "What For???" (Score 1) 380

Correct me if I'm wrong, (and the /. masses would know) but wouldn't an achievement like this be great as there are alot of different variables involved in people going fast. Sure humans have gone 1000+ mph, but usually that is very high up. Couldn't this bring into aspect some of the more interesting faults of succeeding at such a feat at ground level, or does it make no difference? Couldn't this have some, if even a little, help to the scientific or aerodynamic community?

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