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Comment Re:Article misrepresents complexity theory (Score 1) 421

To be precise, Nash equilibrium (for 3-person games) was shown to be PPAD-complete (rather than NP-complete). You are right, though, it is not known that PPAD (or, for that matter, NP) requires more than polynomial time -- but it is very widely believed by very knowledgeable people with very good reason that it does!

Comment Re:Serial console (Score 1) 347

>> Some machines don't have serial ports


Indeed -- but their motherboards might. I did locate unused pins labeled "serial port" on one, tapped into them, made a serial cable and presto!... my old 56k dialup modem was happily singing again, side by side with its more advanced networking brethren.

Comment Re:Looking forward... (Score 1) 213

It wasn't exactly a free call when I was dialing in (to a local Los Angeles number) and going on Usenet or downloading via Kermit and zmodem for 48 hours straight -- I did have to pay for a local call (20 cents or so). But the price was certainly right!

Comment Balance (Score 1) 237

The spam situation has gravitated to a balancing point. It is no more than a trifling problem for me, the user (in my Yahoo email accounts maybe 2 or 3 spam messages per day get past the filters and reach my Inbox; in my Gmail accounts even fewer), the spam mailers get paid for their "services", I suppose, and the only ones getting the shaft are those who elect to advertise in this manner -- I should like to think they are wasting a substantial part of what they pay the spammers. Or so it ought to be -- WHO, for the love of Intel, still clicks on spam ads??

Even so, I hate to see the Courts going overboard. Mr. Gordon may have misused the law, but a $110k fine seems grossly excessive -- and OUT of balance.

Comment Let us help! (Score 1) 263

It is up to every individual to assess the situation and decide, but I for one when I hear people living under a theocratic appointed-for-life dictator protest that they are being denied even a modest voice in running their country, and ask for my help, I am inclined to give it.

Net access will help clarify facts, for starters. I have just heard an oral report that the number of dead is not 1, as the regime claims, but more like 30 or 40. I have no way of verifying this as it is, but if we provide communication channels to the Iranian people we might obtain videos and testimony. Piercing the veil of secrecy and fear that supports oligarchs.

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