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I usually just setup a persistant vnc server on the host in question, and attach to it. I suppose it depends on the capacity of the target system, and the available bandwidth to it. Neither of these is usually an issue for me. I can imagine those with embedded targets and slow modems being concerned, but I still remain amazed that anyone uses this feature of the knife very often. Next thing I'll hear about is someone using "cu" or "tip".


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Nationwide Domain Name/Yard Sign Conspiracy 324

robertjmoore writes "Everywhere I go lately, I see these lawn signs that say "Single?" and then give a URL with my town's name in it. Being a huge business intelligence geek with too much time on my hands, I decided to track down who was behind them and wound up uncovering ten thousand domain names, a massively coordinated and well-funded guerilla marketing machine, and the $45 Million revenue business hiding behind it all. Hot off the presses, these are my findings."

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I stopped using screen when I turned in my vt220 for something that had multiple windows and the ability to start more than one xterm.

Why would anyone want to use screen?



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Journal Journal: why would i blog here?

i mean, isn't the point to have a vanity domain containing my very own, oh so precious thoughts?

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