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Comment Re:You can do this in Java already? (Score 2) 149

I think you underestimate the quality of javascript (which is not the worst thing you could use as a scripting language, def better than using java of all things), and overestimate the role of Java in the "slowness" of the game. Just because the graphics look like they're from quake 2 doesn't mean that's all there is to it.

take Dwarf Fotress and try to play it on a P3. You might think it's running normally because it's hard to gauge speed in a text-based interface but... it's running really slowly. World simulation is computation heavy(probably a lot of cache issues too), no matter what way you cut it. Fun anecdote: my first experiences with DF were on a Pentium 3, and I played it like that for maybe a month before trying it on a fast computer. Boy was I in for a ride.

Comment Re:nonsensical allegations (Score 1) 329

I would think that this is primarily be because they're significantly more popular than the competitors, though, and not due to any bias on the part of Google.

A while ago there was a whole thing about how this wasn't the case. I think it was maybe for Picasa, among other things, where related terms were making it show up in the top non-advertised slot despite the fact that related websites were much more in use, leading to allegations of google manipulating the results. As said in other threads, this seems to be a fraud issue, since google presents their system as working one way yet manipulates it in a completely different way in some cases.

Comment Re:Summary, and EFF, are scaremongering (Score 2) 338

Thank you for pointing this out. The thing that matters in these cases is the point of sale, not the point of creation. If this passes, we could see things like car companies forcing dealerships to buy from overseas, however. That would be worrying for actual distribution outlets. Imagine your entire business being at the whim of manufacturers desires, even after you paid them.

Comment Re:Don't you love (Score 2) 131

should be a treasonable offense by public officials. String the state dept up, every single last one of them.

please check the definition of treason in the US:

"Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court."

Comment Re:Just happy to see a Republican supporting scien (Score 5, Insightful) 457

There's a difference between a free ride and a less expensive ride. Most people don't have the luxury of having their parents helping to pay, and just saying " take a loan " is what caused prices to rise as much as they have : Schools know the gov't is giving out the loans, so they raise prices without fear. Pretty much handing money over to the schools. It's hard for prices to stabilize if the consumers are given infinite buying power.

Comment Re:NEWS: Higher pay no longer important. (Score 1) 761

> Traditional unions (the ones with red flags) would crack down hard on performance based bonus systems. The reason that unions are against this sort of thing is that instead of being assured a certain salary, what would normally be your salary becomes some performance-based system based on completely artificial statistics, meaning your "base" salary drops overall.

I'm not saying perfomance bonuses are bad , just that 1) it shouldn't replace your salary (especially in high cost-of-living areas like SF , and that 2) It's a lot easier for the company you're working for to game the system than it is for you to attempt to.

The issue is fundamentally the same as other union issues, which is worker protection. Also see things like Silicon Valley companies agreeing not to poach on each others employees (thus lowering salaries for everyone as well).

I'd rather the base salary go up rather than go down, especially in a large company where I'm just a cog in a machine and "performance" is fundamentally a group metric anyways.

Comment Re:Don't Panic! (Score 1) 238

> the Supreme Court just held up that "first sale" doesn't count if the *thing* was intended to be sold to a segregated market, or sold to you by an unlicensed distributor. No, they heard the arguments for a case that, if it goes anti-first-sale, would mean that a sale in a foreign country does not constitute "first-sale". So this would just mean if you bought your car in China and then try to have it shipped to the US, you would not have resale rights

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