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Comment Works for me (Score 1) 1231

I've got 2 laptops running it just fine. Got winXP and Win7 running in a virtual box. I've yet to find a problem... I run my Openoffice Impress slideshows on our projector and advance the slides with my mobile phone. I dunno, it "just works". Blows people at work away when I'm 500x as productive as they are. Sometimes I show them some 3D games like Nexuiz or OpenArena and they can't seem to believe I can run all that on a crappy Intel GMA 965 with shared memory and only 1GHz dual processors.

Submission + - How to disable mobile phone spy-ware?

WhiteHorse-The Origi writes: I've been searching the www and can't find an answer to this. How does one disable the ability of phone providers to remotely activate your microphone and effectively spy on you?

I presume it is a software/OS thing and by getting an open system like Android, one could theoretically disable this feature in the source code.

Comment Re:Purpose (Score 1) 252

It's more Unix-like than Ubuntu. I presume this means the directories follow a unix naming convention, shell commands are like the old unix ones, etc. It's great if you're trying to learn Unix, solaris, BSD, etc. If you want to add something to your startup files it would be in in a run control script and you'd need to know all the run levels to find the right one plus you'd need to know shell scripting to add it. One thing you'll notice is lagging support for proprietary hardware(think wifi, bluetooth, SD Card Reader), less packages than Ubuntu, less things work out-of-the-box.

Comment Re:Hobby (Score 1) 537

I agree. The language is quite easy to pick up from a text or class. What takes a long time is learning libraries and tool-chains. You should only take Python, Java, or C++ and then learn the others on your own as needed. Instead, focus your time on learning an IDE and some libraries like OpenGL or whatever is the main library for what you want to do when you grow up. hehe

Comment Re:What a crock of shit (Score 1) 1144

Sounds like pretty crappy code. You'd think a "major US Tech Company" would be able to sync a database efficiently. Are you sure you're not just buying your own PR FUD? Every day I get recruiters telling me "Opening at a Major US Tech Company" and it turns out to be some no-name start-up trying to sell ring-tones or other such useless vapor-ware. I think IBM would be major, Sun, MS, etc. I doubt if Robert Half Consulting or Volt Technical or Manpower Staffing qualifies.

BTW, 1200 lines of code and 10 classes in a single source file is pretty common industry practice for large projects. Obviously, 10 lines can be one small function due to to all the linebreaks instead of single-line statements so it might actually just be 120 lines of code...

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