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Comment Re:Those who do not study the past (Score 1) 135

Hold my hand out like barbers, and electricians, and mechanics, and cooks, and baseball players, and housewives, and bricklayers, and makeup artists, and painters, and a myriad of other professions have been doing throughout all of recorded history? It's obviously possible to use your arms all day long, so clearly the UI designers are not designing touchscreen/gesture interfaces properly.

Agreed that the Gorilla Arm syndrome is being misstated regarding Human Factors.

Comment Re:Can't wait to enroll in Musk University (Score 1) 135

Brilliant my ass. He's just a well-schooled salesman who paints himself the next Steve Jobs. Technologically inept to know 99% of the crap he's shoveling is the equivalent of The Jetsons and 1% smart enough to hire talent to tell him that 99% is bull shit, but that 1% can be feasible.

My old boss, Steven P. Jobs, would never pull the asinine stunts this guy continues to rack up. You under sell and over deliver. This guy pictures himself Kurzweill as a visionary salesman. He's attempting to create his own RDF without ever having the charisma to generate one. The Tesla is a hot commodity, for now. He isn't pragmatic. He's not schrewd enough to realize his tepid steps into the waters of business are just temporary, unless he can make a firm footing for those charging stations nation-wide. If not, the Tesla will be known as the biggest electric car bust in history. He needs to focus on a few ideas, refine them and grow them. Instead, he's PT Barnum and that will bring him down.

Comment Re:5. First Amendment (Score 1) 233

The US has **the most journalistic freedom in the world**

wrong, according the journos themselves at least; US doesn't even make it into the top 30.

Journos are hardly the best judges, as they have their collective bias as well. And it seems to be Leftist: notice how Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Israel are all lumped together, while Venezuela has effective persecution of the press; Argentina is trying to follow on its heels, fortunately less effectively; and Brazil is solidary with these governments. In fact, the three governments have the same tendencies; I would argue the difference in the effectiveness of political censorship is less a difference of substance in the government and more of different strengths of the civil societies.

Israel should be about par with Europe and North America, which shows journos ignored the circumstance of its living in a continuous state of war.

Comment Where is it practical? (Score 1) 127

But it does not allow rockets to reenter the Earth's atmosphere at orbital velocities, slow down, and land.

How about the Moon and Mars? It seems to me that the fuel capacity of Dragon isn't enough to do both lunar descent and ascent just on the Super Draco thrusters and the trunk's fuel capacity.

Comment What's really impressive (Score 2) 127

The impressive part is that they do it with an actual rocket that is 106 feet tall, and that they have launched it 7 times with 0 failures.

Using the same engine, rather than treating the engine as a disposable object that only performs one burn in its lifetime. Most rocket engines can't be throttled, can't be shut down and then restarted in flight or otherwise.

The tricky part is going to be for any stage to have enough delta-V to return to the pad after lifting a payload to orbit. Also, as far as I can tell, this takes a drag chute for lower stages, and a re-entry shield for upper ones.


Comment Re:total stupidity (Score 1) 634

Don't worry. The remaining system administrators will properly triage all the work among the remaining admins.

They'll just punt all the routine boring stuff like security audits and access control management to concentrate on the more urgent firefighting, like user requests that would otherwise hold things up, and more visible projects like those new TPS cover sheets.

Comment Well as long as the issue is one guy then.. (Score 1) 413

Its a good thing its just Snowden that would be the cause. And totally not an out of control power hungry paranoid organization that finds enemies in every crevice; that is hell bent on hiding its activities while co-opting the privacy of those they are allegedly supposed to protect. Because if it was that, it would be a horrible commentary on the state of affairs of our failed political system.

Comment Re:Not much of a defense (Score 1) 358

Well stated, but expect every ignoramous proclaiming a Ph.D in the US Constitution to proclaim Washington a traitor if it means the government is spying on their militia plans because we all know those who have the biggest bomb shelters during the Cold War era were typically the last person you'd want near you.

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