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Comment Re:World Changed (Score 1) 467

HTML 5 isn't driving embedded platforms. It's enabling a bridge between platforms when all you need is a two lane bridge. Platforms like iOSOS X are a four lane juggernaut with HTML 5 being the bridge to allow off-platform users a glimpse via iCloud. The iWorks suite added to iCloud is not as fast as native, nor will it ever be. But in a pinch, when you lack iOS and OS X you have that bridge. Apple will extend those hooks to allow one to access their ecosystem, in a sandbox, from anywhere with this HTML 5 set of standards. Then when you get into the Ecosystem you don't care to get out of it. Making you more productive while making the bumps in the road smooth is how Apple will win.

Comment Re:I'm amazed... (Score 1) 1737

Try this case in California, Washington, NY, Oregon, or practically any non-southern State and the moment Zimmerman ignored Law Enforcement telling him not to persue what he considered a suspect and Zimmerman is in prison for 25 to life. Florida is about to see a complete gutting of many asinine laws by the DOJ and if you think Florida won't flip blue people who vote GOP are about to see how this self-described neighborhood watch will be a spear for 2014. Florida is always a clusterfuck in elections. This time it's going to be an angry mob dragging their friends to the polls to get change. The verdict was a pile of shit the moment it was read. The guy persued what he considered a suspect: He's not law enforcement. He's not authorized by the State to stalk anyone. He is a perpetrator who got off. He got away with murder.

Comment Re:do it before I'm dead of old age (Score 1) 82

I prefer a mission to Europa that includes a submarine to go into the water below the ice to take pics of the little fishies (if any). Yes, Europa is ****far more difficult**** than Mars. But a Mars sample would be cool, will provide excellent comparison to Martian meteoroids from Antartica. Now if we can also send somebody beyond LEO, then we can say (in the words of one of controllers at Houston MOCR after Apollo 8 TLI), "Finally we get to go someplace!"

I prefer building a base on the Moon, then Mars and then we can jump to Europa.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 407

We just solved the Roman Concrete formula. One down. But seriously, Javascript by definition isn't concerned with tighly managed edge-cases and memory leaks by design. Those are left to the architect who is designing their code; and by that I mean modifying millions of pre-existing javascript code that is in itself often poorly optimized code.

I seriously doubt most CS majors today have to get knee deep into Assembly and C programming. Most programs opt for C++ and Java while leveraging their respective garbage collection designs. Hopefully, we see Universities and even High schools requiring C/C++/ObjC with LLVM/Clang/LLDB and Compiler-RT when learning their respective languages. I could give a rat's ass about Java.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 195

And C is virtually unreadable to anyone brought up with Smalltalk and Ada, so what's your fucking point? It takes something like three days maximum to get used to prefix notation, so learn it if you want to use the tool, and get over with your irrational and insubstantial syntax preferences.

No one brought up with Smalltalk hasn't been brought up without C. Ada, perhaps, but then again anyone taught Ada was exposed to Fortran and most likely moved to C, which once again predates effing ADA and SMALLTALK. You were far better off with PASCAL as an example.

Comment Re:Refactor? APU? (Score 1) 211

If the refactor is done properly I don't think the OpenCL acceleration would be necessary. Heck, 1-2-3 running on a 486 was pretty speedy.

I'd love to tie in R/Octave and do Numerical Analysis with Calc, so that OpenCL would be very handy indeed, seeing as it uses the CPU/GPGPUs and any other processor/co-processor like DSPs.

Comment Re:Clarification (Score 1) 211

From the article:

Calc is based on object oriented design from 20 years ago when developers thought that a cell should be an object and that creates a huge number of problems around doing things efficiently.

The problem isn't that Calc is object-oriented but was designed such that many things depended on the spreadsheet cell.

OOA/OOD isn't the problem. It's the team of architects who came up with their design using OOA/OOD that is the problem. Lighthouse Design using NeXT's MVC paradigms had Quantrix and Parasheet, Diagram!, Tasmaster, Concurrence [precursor to Keynote] and more. Some of the architects are at Apple and have been working on iWorks.

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