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Comment Re:Who's next? (Score 1) 375

Maybe, But I would have to see him in a role where he speaks more than 1 intelligent sentance consecutively beforehand.. Hugh Laurie, OTOH would be awesome.

We could have Statham with Seth Green impersonating him ala Italian Job.

Comment Re:How does this compare (Score 1) 189

Nope, the Iris 5200 wipes the floor with the A10. You're probably referring to the low end HD 4600 in the i7 (which they put there because they expect no one buying an i7 to be using integrated graphics).

I look forward to you eating it when the APUs based on Steamroller waltz in and slap the shit out of this overpriced heater.

Comment Re:As far as I'm concerned . . . (Score 1) 311

cost is the MAIN problem.

Wait till you get to replace those batteries and discover the real costs :D

From what I've read about the Prius the battery life is exceeding expectations by a wide margin.

Most drivers have never faced a battery replacement, because they are easily managing 10 years (200K miles) and the batteries have shown no sign of needing replacement.

Admittedly it costs around 2000 to 2500 bucks when you do need a replacement, although salvage yards will sell them to you for around $500. A cottage industry has sprung up refurbing Prius batteries.

Considering a typical Honda Accord will have two full tune-ups and maybe three of them by the time it hits 200k miles, the cost of those tune-ups will set you back equal that cost of the battery replacement, if not more. Never mind the usual replacement of struts, brakes/brakepads, exhaust system, transmission, etc.

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 1) 119

Or perhaps you need to. One of the most disruptive periods socially and economically in ancient Egypt was the pharaoh Akhenaten's foray into monotheism (one of the first, if not the first) with Atenism. Hoards of resources were wasted on mammoth projects which were abandoned almost immediately after Akhenaten's death, and it would take generations to heal the damage of the schism which ultimately unseated the dynasty. Religion in Egypt has catalyzed both its greatest successes and failures, and it would behoove a wise student of history to study both and contrast them.

Then your argument should be that when they diverted from Polytheism to ill-fated Monotheism the great civilization sealed its fate.

Comment Awesome, but the wrong hardware. (Score 1) 171

Awesome, but an SLR is simply inadequate for video. What you really want is a mirrorless system, preferrably one optimised for digital sensors. The only one nowadays is Micro Four Thirds, with Olympus, Panasonic &, soon, Kodak cameras. Of these, Panasonic is the more video oriented, and its flagship hybrid GH line cameras have already been hacked, so I would be interested if someone replicated this hack there (or at the nearly equivalent Olympus OMD EM line).

Comment Re:Reminder (Score 1) 330

An infringement on the freedom of the press, or the confidentiality of sources, is a threat to democracy regardless of whether it targets an actual news agency or a mockery thereof.

There is no Free Press in the US, unless it is publicly financed Free Press. Corporate Free Press is Press directed by leadership to maximize profits for its consortium of shareholders and board of directors. Stop whining about attacks on the Free Press when the Press is not immune to violating the laws any more than you or I. The day the Free Press embedded themselves with Commercial Profiteers is the day they opened the door to the limitations of Commercial Free Speech.

Comment Callback to the 80s (Score 1) 379

I don't believe for a second that the $60 price point from big studios will change. This is built solidly into their business model. The money from the used game fee is going to be all for extra profit.

For an example all we have to do is look at Sony. It was asserted that CD prices were high because of fabrication costs, and when those come down prices will drop. That never happened, its been 30 years. We are well entrenched into the the business model in which any efficiency or savings or new income becomes profit and never saving for the consumer. Well ok that's not exactly true; but that only because the person who bought the xbox isnt the consumer. They are yet another product that can be resold to advertisers.

Comment Re:Not exactly. (Score 1) 159

Citation? directs you to eiðer or, thru a link named ‘RJ45 (computers), to Ðen read up.

They've always been considered as the same thing nearly everywhere.

Yes, but they are not even compatible.

Most people think SQL is relational, and it is not. It is definetly based on ðe relational model, but it has always violated ðe most basic principles of the model. In the case of RJ45, the misnaming seems to be based on simple visual resemblance.

And it's 8P8C modular connector, thank you. There are other types of eight pin, eight conductor connectors.

I did not know, thank you for ðe correction. But... citation? ;-)

Comment Re:osx is not all that (Score 1) 252

It runs deeper than that. HFS is ancient, slow and inefficient. Memory management is a joke. I'd say enough "iOSization" of OS X, OS X should really make a leap jump into an innovative desktop OS. And I say this from my Mac.

First of all it's HFS+ [and then some], and your comment about Memory Management is a joke is the real joke. Like hell Linux is an innovative OS. It's been getting worse in quality and stability since the end of 2.6.

Comment Re:That's great! now where's the OpenCL support fo (Score 1) 252

There isn't OpenCL for Intel chip Mac either. I haven't tried it, but am told that the Windows OpenCL stuff is dog slow on the Intel 4000. Perhaps it isn't worth bothering with?

Wrong. There most certainly is OpenCL for Intel chip Macs. You may be talking about the Intel Shared Memory HD4000 portion of Intel's architecture. That's all on Intel.

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