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Comment Hanselman: not (yet) an artificial pancreas (Score 1) 119

From Scott Hanselman, who actually depends on this sort of stuff to stay alive:

"It's WAY too early to call this Insulin Pump an Artificial Pancreas"

Read the article, it is very interesting and he makes some very compelling arguments as to why this is a bit too much hype...

Comment Internet vectored infection! (Score 1) 261

This could become worse than the Dancing Plague of 1518 or the June Bug epidemic of 1962!

Worse, this shows every sign of being a hysterical contagion, capable of being transmitted over the Internet and infecting it's victims through contact with their computers, tablets, and smartphones!

The good news is that I know of a possible cure, and if I can reach my Kickstarter goal of $500,000, I can begin work on a treatment for the unfortunate victims...

Comment Re:So let me get this straight... (Score 1) 218

...b-but, you get to set your lock screen wallpaper now! The GNOME developers are allowing unchecked and rampant levels of freedom never before seen (in GNOME 3). Seriously, you know you're fucked up when you're touting something that's existed since Windows 98 is getting touted as a feature:

Seriously, what's fucked is Qt moving to WebKit Blink and GNOME wisely sticking to WebKit 2 means 2 sets of WebKit running around seeing as most of us have both DE on Linux/FreeBSD [KDE 4.10.x/GNOME 3.8.x Debian].

Comment IOMMU (Score 4, Informative) 125

Yes, when I saw this I thought that this was a reason to make motherboard IOMMUs a security feature. Also, the DMA destination memory pages should not have the executable bit turned on. Recent generations of Intel/AMD CPUs have provided the ability to turn that bit off.

Comment Re:Breakthrough or bullshit? (Score 1) 600

This is either a major breakthrough or utter bullshit. It's too early to tell which. If it's real, it's a Nobel Prize in physics.

The publisher, the Simmons Foundation, is a project of a rich weirdo from Texas.

It's The Simons Foundation funded by billionaire Hedge Fund Manager: James Harris Simons who earned hs Ph.d in Mathematics at 23 from Cal Tech.


He very well could be a wealthy recluse today. He used to be quite active in his fields of study.

Comment More fingerprints in the Real World... (Score 1) 303

Just yesterday, I picked up a water glass in a restaurant. I also used the silverware.

5 bucks to a busboy, and someone could have gotten a pretty clear set of my prints. Oops.

Worried about someone getting YOUR fingerprints? Wear gloves everywhere. Bring along a handkerchief to wipe everything down if you momentarily have the gloves off.

Low tech doesn't mean no tech.

Comment Re:In vain does the God of War growl (Score 1) 218

With everything going on in the world I'm reminded of a hopeful quote: "In vain does the God of War growl, snarl, roar, and try to interrupt with bombards, trumpets, and his whole tarantantaran ... let us despise the barbaric neighings which echo through these noble lands, and awaken our understanding and longing for the harmonies." - Johannes Kepler

Ironically, Kepler was a Monotheist so his own thoughts speak with equal measure to the paganism of the past.

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