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Comment Well, these ought to be interesting pictures... (Score 5, Informative) 272

*clicks on article* ...Hmm, ok, no pictures here.
*googles it*
Yea... I'm no astrocryptozoologist, but that doesn't look like life to me.

Comment "The Oven" (Score 1) 890

I recall a tasteless network that some acquaintances my mine used to have called "The oven". All of the computers on this network had to have Jewish names.

Yea, a holocaust joke. Hilarious.

Anyway, as tasteless as it was, it seems pretty ridiculous that those guys were guilty of a crime.

Comment Wait... (Score 0) 380

Is everyone honestly that upset that a scientist who specialized in the trigger mechanism for nuclear weapons working for a nation led by a holocaust denier was assassinated?

Moral cowardice. That's all this is. Nobody wants to imagine what could happen if Iran nukes Israel, so they're focusing in on something comprehensibly small. Killing this man may delay the development of a nuclear weapon by Iran, which may in tern save millions of lives.

I will not lose a moment of sleep if all of Iran's nuclear scientists are murdered. The alternative is worse.

Comment Oh no, someone got peed on. (Score 5, Insightful) 591

That's so much worse than living in an area where explosive amputations aren't a strange occurrence, or where having the front of your head blown through the back of your head is a potential outcome of both supporting the local warlord and not supporting him.

Come the fuck on people. Its war. This is just like that Abu Ghraib bullshit. People die horribly all the time in these areas, and yet for some reason the thing that always outrages the moral cowards at home is when someone is humiliated. Its like the civilized mind cannot comprehend the atrocities of war, so they focus in on the level of wrong that they can identify with.

R Kelly never used a orphan as a human bomb, blew the legs off of another rapper, then had to watch him drag his intestines behind him while he bled out. But that fucker did pee on someone. Peeing on someone we can be outraged about. Peeing on someone we can understand.

You know what those guys who got peed on would really be upset about? Getting killed.

Comment Re:The end of the social bubble (Score 1) 146

Well, to play devils advocate, the end of the walled garden is going to let the neighbors dog in. China is already paying people to make phony pro-government posts all over the internet, and within 10 years every single shithole in the world will be spreading propaganda in every corner of the internet. How do you prevent foreign interests from manipulating your population over the internet?

Do I agree with censorship to prevent this this? Of course not. I'm just trying to understand the fears driving these governments.

Comment The real enemy of freedom is... the media? (Score 5, Insightful) 409

Its funny when you think about it. The media moguls pushing these laws are the very people who's vast empires are supposed to be helping protect us from tyranny via the free press.

It was fun while it lasted I guess. At this point anyone running for office who would fix this mess is either demonized by the media, or just outright ignored.

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