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Comment Re:Humm good title (Score 0, Troll) 696

You're joking, right? I mean, I understand your post is to "rah, rah" Linux, but seriously? Relearning Windows?

Every new release of Windows brings the joyful game of "Where did they put user folders this time?"

It went from C:\Documents and Settings\ to C:\Users in XP and Vista, what a challenge! Because knowing which directory a binary in UNIX goes in is so much easier. Lessee, /usr/bin? No wait, its /usr/sbin! Oh wait!! Sorry, its /usr/share/programfoo/sbin/bar. Oh, and for reasons best left to the imagination, part of the package ends up in /opt.


Novell Cancels BrainShare Conference 102

A.B. VerHausen writes "While OSCON and SCALE organizers ramp up plans for their events, Novell shuts down BrainShare after 20 years, citing travel costs and budget tightening as main concerns. 'Instead of the traditional in-person conference, Novell plans to offer online classes and virtual conferences to make education and training available to more people at a lower per-head cost to companies,' says the news story on"

Nepomuk Brings Semantic Web To the Desktop, Instead 140

An anonymous reader writes "Technology Review has a story looking at Nepomuk — the semantic tool that is bundled with the latest version of KDE. It seems that some Semantic Web researchers believe the tool will prove a breakthrough for semantic technology. By encouraging people to add semantic meta-data to the information stored on their machines they hope it could succeed where other semantic tools have failed."

Comment FFXI (Score 2, Insightful) 156

I used to play FFXI, but one of the things that eventually drove me away from the game was the randomness of nearly everything. It was irritating to go nearly 0/10+ (and I've heard horror stories of worse) on rare item drops while Billy teh n00b would get it on first drop. Oh, and there's nothing more fun than fighting a hard fight and getting nothing as a reward. I can understand the developer's desire to keep certain items rare, but such low drop rates aren't the way to do it. I would have preferred they made the fights harder, not more random.

Comment Re:Novell == Microsoft lapdog (Score 1) 475

"For the past two years Microsoft and Novell have been working on the 'Moonlight' project.

Translation: for two years, Microsoft has been using Novell to pretend they're not working on the Linux platform and aren't trying to embrace/extend it.

There ain't no way Silverlight will end up on my hard-drive. Having the Flash player is bad enough already.

OOh, how evil of Novell to want to improve the desktop experience for its clients. But hey, we all know that if the 1% market share of Linux decides to boycott Silverlight, it will totally ruin adoption!

Math Finds Optimal 25-Mark Golomb Ruler 265

kpearson writes "'s 8-year-old OGR-25 distributed computing project has just proven conclusively that the predicted shortest 25-mark Golomb ruler is optimal. 'The total length of the ruler is 480, with marks at positions: 0 12 29 39 72 91 146 157 160 161 166 191 207 214 258 290 316 354 372 394 396 431 459 467 480. (This ruler may alternatively be expressed in terms of the distance between those positions, which is how dnetc displays them: 12-17-10-33-19-...).' 124,387 people participated in the project and two people found the shortest ruler, one on October 10, 2007 and the other on March 24, 2008."

Ballmer Admits Google Apps Are Biting Into MS Office 293

twitter points out coverage of a discussion between Steve Ballmer and two Gartner analysts in which the Microsoft CEO admits that Google Apps is enjoying an advantage over Office by users who want to share their documents. He points to Office Live as their response to Google, and adds, "Google has the lead, but, if we're good at advertising, we'll compete with them in the consumer business." Whether or not they're good at advertising is still in question, if their recent attempts are any indication. Ballmer also made statements indicating some sort of arrangement with Yahoo! could still be in the works, but Microsoft was quick to step on that idea. Regarding Windows Vista, he said Microsoft was prepared for people to skip it altogether, and that Microsoft would be "ready" when it was time to deploy Windows 7.

OOXML's 662 Resolutions 166

Rob Isn't Weird writes "Microsoft has finally responded to the resolutions concerning OOXML (or 662 of them at any rate). The only problem? The JTC1 NBs who are deciding OOXML's fate have to download 662 individual PDFs from a slow, password-protected server; and many have had trouble getting the password. Don't misunderstand the ECMA's intent, though: there would have been 662 OOXML files if they had wanted to make it hard for people to read and criticize the responses. Thanks to the Internet, other interested parties have put all 662 resolutions online in a searchable, taggable format and are requesting that everyone interested help examine them. That means you, Slashdot."

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