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Comment Re:Humm good title (Score 0, Troll) 696

You're joking, right? I mean, I understand your post is to "rah, rah" Linux, but seriously? Relearning Windows?

Every new release of Windows brings the joyful game of "Where did they put user folders this time?"

It went from C:\Documents and Settings\ to C:\Users in XP and Vista, what a challenge! Because knowing which directory a binary in UNIX goes in is so much easier. Lessee, /usr/bin? No wait, its /usr/sbin! Oh wait!! Sorry, its /usr/share/programfoo/sbin/bar. Oh, and for reasons best left to the imagination, part of the package ends up in /opt.


OOXML's 662 Resolutions 166

Rob Isn't Weird writes "Microsoft has finally responded to the resolutions concerning OOXML (or 662 of them at any rate). The only problem? The JTC1 NBs who are deciding OOXML's fate have to download 662 individual PDFs from a slow, password-protected server; and many have had trouble getting the password. Don't misunderstand the ECMA's intent, though: there would have been 662 OOXML files if they had wanted to make it hard for people to read and criticize the responses. Thanks to the Internet, other interested parties have put all 662 resolutions online in a searchable, taggable format and are requesting that everyone interested help examine them. That means you, Slashdot."

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