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Comment Re:cryptocurencies will survive (Score 1) 695

you call yourself realistic and you persist with a naive simplistic belief that the basics of economic history disprove?

dealing with you free market fundamentalists is like dealing with creationists

no logic or reason, just irrational faith in a really bad idea

resulting in exactly the kind of story we are commenting under

Comment cryptocurencies will survive (Score 0) 695

but they need to be heavily regulated by the government, obviously

it seems like the entire story of bitcoin has been heavily propeled forward by naive, enthusiastic free market fundamentalist types. ideological children

and now they are learning what the rest of us know from economic history, but apparently their gullibility means they have to learn the simple lessons of history the hard way

the free market fairy does not actually solve all problems. that's a quasireligious statement of faith, and is in complete contradiction to our simple experiences with markets throughout human history

sorry libertarians

Comment Re:He's s shill probably (Score 1) 194

the venezuelan system doesn't work, and the people are organically angry about that, with the venezuelan govt

it has nothing to do with the usa

i don't know how or why you frame this as the usa doing something it did in the cold war, when all of the angry venezuelans on the street right now are in the street because of how fucked up the system is in venezuela is right now, because of something their own govt is screwing up. nothing to do with the usa at all

you don't really have any understanding of the situation in venezuela. you have the same tired old cold war thinking that the propaganda by the venezuelan government deploys. which, because as the existence of people like you show, still works as propaganda

but it has nothing at all to do with reality. the cold war is long over

Comment Re:He's s shill probably (Score 2) 194

with venezuela, the kneejerk "blame america" is pretty swift and is standard

when venezuelans started protesting last week, they kicked out some american diplomats in response


1. the usa is pushing magic buttons in washington dc and making venezuelans revolt (and not the actual issues and problems about venezuela the people revolting articulate)

2. it's a tired bullshit cynical ploy that, unfortunately, still works with large enough of the population that it is still worth doing

or... i dunno, as an american, maybe i have dark magical powers over venezuela i have not fully explored

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