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Comment Re:Don't appease aggression (Score 1) 519

that's some simple nice pat hindsight

i'm sure all the countries where they were stuck under the failed system for decades were happy there was no need to resist and it would just go away on it's own

heck they should have just let the entire western hemisphere, the usa even, fall to communism and just let things run their course, right?

Comment Re:Seems "normal" enough? (Score 2) 519

are you telling me the chinese have common culture with coral sponges?

no one lives there. no one ever did. it's a fucking joke that china claims these atolls clearly the property of the philippines

as for russia being an ally, you're historically ignorant

Comment Re:Seems "normal" enough? (Score 2) 519

i wasn't thinking about tom clancy, i was thinking about recent history:

not to mention manchuria and beyond has been a war field between russia, japan, and china for decades in recent history

china, today, has border arguments with all its neighbors, all around

but russia?


all quiet on the western front


Comment Re:Don't appease aggression (Score 2) 519

the world is everyone's interest

you nip problems when they are small and far away, or when they are large and on your border

those are your choices in life

i'm glad the usa is involved heavily in the world- by that i do not mean wars, i mean policy questions, like diplomacy with iran

you make enemies sure. you also make a lot more friends

isolationism is a failed, loser's attitude

Comment Re:Don't appease aggression (Score 1) 519

why do you have to view problems only through the lens of the usa's motives?

you do realize there are other actors in the world right? they have their own agenda and their own organic, original actions

the world does not actually revolve around the usa

if you can only view every international question through "well the usa..."

you're doing it wrong

Comment Re:Seems "normal" enough? (Score 1) 519

honest question:

why don't they just go after siberia?

130 million russians (and shrinking, population wise and economically) versus 1.3 billion chinese (and growing, population wise and economically) sounds like good odds

why piss so much over tiny reefs off the philippines when one good thrust can increase you country's size by a third or more, with fertile resources

siberia is even closer to beijing than it is is to moscow

the chinese claim islands off the philippines because some asshole put it on a map once

certainly they can find some ancient map of siberia in their archives, since that's apparently all the justification the chinese need to claim land

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