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Comment Re:YAY !! (Score 1) 261

there is nothing good that can come from civilian possession of plutonium, and plenty bad, whether intentionally or unintentionally

there is nothing remotely comparable to plutonium that you can do with crude oil in terms of threats to the general populace

all i can think is that perhaps you share this guy's view on tinkering with radioactive substances in civilian settings:

since this poor fellow is clearly insane, there is nothing more to say on the subject

Comment Re:YAY !! (Score 0) 261

if everyone used psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin responsibly (get a babysitter) they would be legal

but as it is, people walk out windows when using psychedelics alone

use a babysitter when you use a psychedelic

or you are one of the reasons why these drugs are illegal

irresponsibility is the reason laws exist

in a world where everyone acted responsibly, there would be no need for laws

freedom has never meant "i can do whatever the hell i want without regard to the consequences"

Comment Re:YAY !! (Score 1, Interesting) 261

it's moral for me to decide what people to with their bodies when i am forced to pay for their feeding and housing and healthcare when they destroy their lives with said substances

if substance abuse happened in a vacuum, it would be fine. but it does not. it has costs to society. this gives society the right to get involved

that being said, healthcare solutions are the proper approach to addiction, not jails

and nonaddictive substances like marijuana should be legal

but the people who sell the addictive substances like heroin, meth, and coke need hard jail time, for the costs their trade incurs on society

Comment Re:A few are still around (Score 1) 419

Does Redbox rent porn?

Communities that don't have access to fast internet services and likewise don't have video stores are definitely in the land that time forgot. I have a few cousins who'd probably have to make two 70 mile round trips if they really wanted to see "I Was a Teenage MILF #71" since there's neither a mom and pop video store nor any internet service other than dialup or satellite available to them.

Comment Re:YAY !! (Score 2) 261

there are plenty of things that a market exists for that are immoral

plutonium. child sex slaves. ricin. RPGs

just because a market exists for something does not justify it

you may say that you can't shut a market down, it will just go underground

yeah, and making rape, murder, and robbery illegal hasn't stopped them either. but we still do not legalize or accept rape, murder, or robbery

some things civilization will always be at war with. permanently

it's simply a maintenance function

you yourself are involved with a "war on trash". if you take out the trash once, do you never have to take out the trash again? no, you have to take it out every thursday, or it accumulates and your house becomes unlivable

because you can't take out the trash once and be done with it, you stop taking out the trash altogether? because you can't guarantee 100% no trash in your apartment you must accept high levels on unlivable filth?

no. you minimize it. as a constant function. trash will always be there. and a constant effort at minimization is the best you can do

and that's completely ok. and normal

and so it is with "the war on {X}"

simply because you can't stop it, that all you can do is minimize it, is no argument against the effort

for the simple reason that just because something is possible, doesn't mean we accept it

the concept you are missing in your thinking is called right and wrong

and if you form a world view without the concept of morality, your world view will fail and has no validity

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 3, Interesting) 419

Here in the midwestern US we have Family Video, which at one time also had pretty decent dialup service. All the local Family Video stores I'm aware of are still open, have free titles, rent most stock for $1 and have a porn section. As the last chain standing I'd say they did it right. I've been an eight-DVDs-at-a-time Netflix subscriber since 1999 but I'm glad the local brick and mortar store (not vending machine) is around. Sometime it's nice to just browse.

Comment Re:Ed Bott is a clueless dolt (Score 1) 435

Since no one has ever called me that in an email message, I'm sure that I would remember.
I'm not saying I can remember the exact shuffle order from a deck of cards, but I definitely don't have a problem with names, dates or phone numbers.

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