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Comment Re:Freedom of speech... (Score 1) 159

in a society where people always do whatever the hell they want with no regard for responsibility, you get absolute authoritarianism, because somebody has to make the assholes pay

in a society where people always acts responsibly, you have the utopian libertarian ideal society of 100% freedom

of course, neither extreme actually happens, but the point is, the more people behave responsibly, the more true freedom everyone has, and the less people beahve responsibly, the more people have to depend upon the state to make society function

Comment Re:Freedom of speech... (Score 1) 159

when the consequence hurts me as well, i have a right to have a say in that behavior

because i love freedom crushing authority?

no, because i love MY freedom

and i don't want my freedom oppressed by that from which a lot of freedom oppression in this world actually comes from: not the stereotypical government goon, but from my fellow citizen who is an irresponsible moron

Comment Re:Freedom of speech... (Score 5, Insightful) 159

more like "your freedom to swing your fists ends at my nose"

i can't play my music at 3 am, i impinge on my neighbor's right to sleep

i can't speed 120 mph on the highway, i impinge on other driver's right to live

i can't smoke in the office, i impinge on my fellow worker's right to breathe

and when the boss/ police/ landlord comes by and complains, there will be some, like yourself, who in their immaturity, will see it as the state taking away their rights, when the only person infringing on other people's rights is you

Comment Re:Freedom of speech... (Score 3, Insightful) 159

well said

it is unfortunate so many people out there think freedom means "i can do whatever the hell i want without consequence" like an immature child

and don't understand what freedom really is: something that goes hand in hand with responsibility, as any true adult understands

please note:

where there is no responsibility, there is no freedom

if you don't understand or agree with that statement, you don't even know what freedom really is

Comment it's the bombardier beetle all over again (Score 3, Interesting) 136

"how can it evolve? it will blow up if it doesn't get it just right!"

we should all realize that, unfortunately, creationists will immediately alight upon these gears as "intelligent design" and disproof of evolution

"how can it evolve? if the gears don't mesh, it doesn't move!"

you can't argue with the dull and intellectually dishonest

Comment a historical note: (Score 5, Informative) 524

the historical events that served as the basis for the fourth amendment

and exactly the type of abuse the NSA is perpetrating on the american people

what we are talking about with the NSA program is a thorough, gross violation of and clear, undeniable contradiction to a founding principle of this country

Comment Re:Now.. (Score 1) 321

You can also run DOSbox for Android and boot Windows 95/98 right now. That might sound perverse, but it does provide decent enough binary compatibility to get Office XP running with support for modern MS Office document formats through the compatibility pack and to run the ever popular VB6 apps that seem to be the standard for discussion in this thread.

Comment Re:All for the low low price of... (Score 2) 195

I buy several hundred drives a year and I've consistently had more problems with all non-Enterprise Western Digital product lines than with I had with Seagate, Hitachi or Samsung models. By rough order of preference, I found WD "Blue" drives least reliable, followed by WD Green, followed by Seagate Eco models, followed by WD Black. The most trouble free drives over the last five years or so? Samsung's F-series and Hitachi DeskStars. Goddammitsomuch.

Comment Re:Does it (still) make sense ? (Score 2) 195

Spinning disks are only dead if you have no bulk storage needs, unless you think prices are going to fall through the floor out of the kindness of NAND Flash manufacturers' hearts.

There's a single chassis in my closet that has 96TB of disks in it. That kind of density is utterly unthinkable on flash memory.

Comment Re:how much data do you use? (Score 1) 353

Personally, I run a Plex server that about 40 people can access; I also have a VPN end point set up for family members who live overseas; I have a not-inconsequential number of commercial web sites running and a private "cloud" storage service that I put together for my and my customers' needs. And yes I torrent like a motherfucker. My main server is a 24-thread, 48GB machine with 130TB of local storage that runs 24x7. I pay about $100 a month for electricity and another $130 for internet service, but I actually make enough money from the services that I provide that it's actually profitable for me to do what I do with it.

Comment Re:Start your own provider? (Score 1) 353

You don't KNOW what I do or don't need, and neither does my ISP. Your monthly cap closely resembles 19 hours of my average use, but I specifically pay for service that is uncapped and at a service tier such that bandwidth is a functionally unlimited commodity. I pay for the service and goddammit I'm going to use all of it.

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