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Comment Antarctica? Middelfart? (Score 0, Troll) 372

Mr. Williamson promptly left Apple headquarters in Antarctica, and walked to his home in Middelfart, Denmark."

I don't get it. Is this some kind of humor, or some kind of random gibberish added to the submission to see if anyone notices?

Maybe the submitter was trying to see if the editors were paying attention . . . ?

Comment Re:Interesting study but needs replication (Score 1) 85

That's not eidetic. I'm a musician myself, and I've memorized over a thousand songs, and I can in fact "play them back" in my head, for the most part. My memory is good, but it works the same way as everyone else's.

Want proof? Listen to a completely random sequence of notes for five minutes, then try to play the entire thing back in your head in order. You can't do it, because you failed to chunk it as you listened, and the input was many times larger than your phonological loop could accommodate.

Further, your brain has no way of storing an actual recording. What you hear when you listen depends entirely on what you paid attention to. See e.g. the MgCurk effect. You might also be interested in JJ's explanation of how perception influences what we hear and remember.

Comment Re:Thumbs down on the name (Score 2) 152

In Japan. It's wasei-eigo, which means "a Japanese-made English word or phrase".

Japanese learners of English commonly make the mistake of using wasei-eigo in regular English, so they use "NG" and "go sign" and "cunning paper" expecting to be understood. Occasionally this confusion extends to English-speaking learners of Japanese, though much less often.

Comment Re:Truly horrible. (Score 1) 467

That's not a very good point. Sure, it's true, but it has nothing to do with what they originally said.

There's a difference between making a statement about the odds of something being true and claiming something is always true. I do believe it's more likely that the father is religious than not. This can be true, and yet not imply anything about the set of all religious people (as indeed it does not).

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