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Comment Re:Funny Thing (Score 3, Informative) 418

(A lot of people said the same thing, but replying to you because you're the non-AC).

A B.A. in philosophy + a J.D. is a common combination of degrees. Philosophy is increasingly becoming the undergrad foundation for graduate studies in Law. It's like being a premed major, which doesn't qualify you to do much of anything except go to med school.

Comment Re:Damage Control (Score 1) 300

When i picture an "american hunter" i picture a middle aged overweight guy in flannel. Not exactly the most swift or agile type of human out there.

I don't know how many hunters you actually know, but all the ones I know could probably make it out there. Flannel: definitely. Overweight: a little, some of them. Not swift or agile: WTF? The hunters I know don't spend their days sitting in an office chair typing code all day; they carry heavy shit up scaffolding onto roofs, or lug spools of cable into basements and pull it through walls all day, or walk with surveying gear for miles every single day. Physically, they're all in good shape.

If there were a zombie infestation, their biggest liability would be lack of sufficient imagination because, unlike a lot of us Slashdotters, they never liked sci-fi even as kids and stopped playing pretend a long time ago.

Comment Re:DL-44 Mauser? (Score 1) 158

I believe I may have seen once in a special feature on a Stargate DVD that they are convenient in how they fire. The casings fall straight down as opposed to off to the side. If they go to the side the other actors can be hit with them and I guess that just doesn't look as good.

That was pretty much it. Without the shell casings flying at their faces, they could stand the actors closer to one another, which is helpful for framing shots for television.

Comment Re:Isn't leaving things out fun? (Score 1) 645

I have a rev-b G5 iMac in my office now, which is exactly 6 years old this month. It runs iTunes 9 fine (well, as well as iTunes 9 runs on anything; I don't use it at work for anything). I don't know which version of Safari is on there. I'd meant to wipe and and reinstall to upgrade to Leopard, but never bothered. Still chugging along fine.

Comment Re:17 pencils (Score 1) 160

I think the best is when a room full of university students taking an exam abruptly find themselves sitting in the dark when the lights time out. Since no one knows where the motion sensor is to wave at it, you find everyone including the professor wildly flailing their arms around for a moment.

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