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Comment Re:Missing option (Score 1) 525

Also, per capita gun ownership is increasing, but percentage of individuals/households that own a firearm has been steadily dropping. Statistically, what that means is that the same group of gun owners are hoarding larger and larger collections. If you've got a concealed-carry permit and are carrying two handguns, are you twice as protected?

Comment Re:Oh I just love (Score 4, Informative) 475

You can't switch to self-feeding when a cat is an adult, but if you start when they're a kitten, and they grow up never having the experience of being hungry, they won't overeat. They'll nibble just what they need throughout the day. And they leave you alone instead of begging for food. (They might still wake you up because they're bored, but that's a separate problem).

Comment Re:Free bikes ? (Score 1) 356

The problem is that half of the US objects to bike sharing operations solely on the ground that they too closely resemble communism.

Taxis are communist?

He meant to say, "smacks of socialism."

No, he said it right. Those who can't tell the difference between bike-sharing services and socialism also can't tell the difference between socialism and communism.

Comment Re:it is turbulance (Score 1) 258

I have no love for anybody who has voted for any US budget the last dozen or so years (think back to with Clinton, disregarding a few tricks, the budget was nearly balanced).

Was it a fabrication? More or less. Fact is she was shot but a nutjob not a wingjob. Psychosis not politics was the motivator.

What difference does it make what the motivation was? The action taken was the same.

And for most people who aren't criminally sociopathic, there is, and should be, a huge gap between "no love for..." and "shooting and killing".

Comment Re:it is turbulance (Score 3) 258

We can change it. Unfortunately, violence may be required.

Let me point out what that would look like: Remember Gabrielle Giffords? A judge and a rep were shot, and a completely innocent kid got killed at the same time. You're talking about that times a thousand?

When Giffords was shot, we, as a nation, decided we didn't like that. (Or was the outpouring of sympathy just a fabrication by corporate-owned media?)

I'm sure your revolution will be completely different than that because your revolution will be based on rational grievances like copyright law, rather than schizo lunacy. And you'll only go after those awful, horrible, oppressors who no one likes. Also, your marksmanship is so much better that little kids won't get killed in your crossfire.

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