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Comment Re:because (Score 1) 95

I'm not sure what you're asking. If you want to know who my candidate is for 2016, it's either Russ Feingold or Howard Dean.

Anybody who voted for the Patriot Act is dead to me. Anybody with an "R" after their name is dead to me. Anybody who has said that they would not have voted for the Civil Rights Act or the Voting Right Act (coughRandPaulcough) is most definitely dead to me.

That leaves a lot of governors and Russ Feingold.

Comment Where is the service? (Score 5, Insightful) 133

No, the distinctive thing is that you're paying for a ride. That's a service.

Not saying that the city/state whatever needs to be involved, but I *am* saying that to pretend this isn't a paid service to the rider is disingenuous.

Suppose a taxi driver was thinking of going downtown to Bruno's for a good pizza slice. Turns around, heads down Broadway, there you are, waving your hand. You get in and tell him, Bruno's, please! Did that suddenly turn the taxi ride into not-a-taxi-ride? No, of course not.

Comment Re:Not a troll on the surface. (Score 1) 147

How is it you didn't understand that what we are discussing is troll/not troll rather than legal/not legal? I know what the law says in all it's brokenness.

What is it that makes you think it is at all fair or reasonable to subject an importer to an unknowable risk of infringement when it/they may not even understand the technology the patent covers?

Comment Opera (Score 1) 7

Opera... Seriously, they were once great then they kind of fell off the wagon for a bit but they're looking good again. They even support plugins now so you can get Greasemonkey and Ad-Block Plus. It's wonderful again. It's my second browser basically. I still rely on Firefox for most everything but I keep Opera around for when things get funky.

Submission + - Discrete Log Problem Breakthrough Threatens Crypto

tbonefrog writes: Cryptographic ground truth is changing fast. In February Antoine Joux produced a new record subexponential discrete logarithm algorithm running at L(1/4) speed and beating the long-standing L(1/3) mark. On June 20 a quasipolynomial algorithm was announced at the Workshop on Number-Theoretic Algorithms for Asymmetric Cryptology in France, and explained by Stephen Galbraith

Discrete logarithm and factoring are different problems but progress on one tends to lead to progress in the other. Get a paper bank statement mailed to you each month, order some paper checks, and buy stamps and envelopes for paying your bills via snail mail.

Submission + - Harlan: A language that simplifies GPU programming released ( 1

hypnosec writes: Harlan – a declarative programming language that simplifies development of applications running on GPU has been released by a researcher at Indian University. Erik Holk released his work publicly after working on it for two years. Harlan’s syntax is based on Scheme – a dialect of LISP programming language. The language aims to help developers make productive and efficient use of GPUs by enabling them to carry out their actual work while it takes care of the routine GPU programming tasks. The language has been designed to support GPU programming and it works much closer to the hardware.

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