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Comment And no funding... (Score 1) 376

And FTA, he's got no funding. I don't see why venture capitalists or those 99%-ers give to stuff like this. Vaccines are nice and all, but getting people enough food to live and not killing the world would be much more beneficial. I've been dreaming of these quivering walls of meat for years -- I even wrote about it in a science-fiction class -- but I don't see it happening before I die, and I'm not even 30. This kind of thing is just like genetically modified crops, it's just to strange for some people to get their heads around. I wish they would wake up and see that what they are eating is a horrific Mengelesque monstrosity borne from greed, and worse than any lab-grown chow could ever be.

Submission + - Jimmy Legs Could Indicate Parkinson's 50 Years Lat (thebostonchannel.com) 1

upto0013 writes: A new study shows that a common sleep disorder may be a sign of dementia or Parkinson's disease up to 50 years before the disorders are diagnosed.

The new research was published in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. The study, based on Mayo Clinic records, suggested that people who experience rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder could one day come down with the degenerative aging disease.

Sufferers of REM sleep behavior disorder, dubbed "Jimmy legs" in the sitcom "Seinfeld," often act out their dreams with violent movements, such as punching or kicking.


Submission + - Intel Shows Off Mind-Reading Software (kitv.com)

upto0013 writes: Intel is showing off new software that can read minds. Designers say that the software could help disabled people speak, in a way.

"The software analyzes functional MRI scans to determine what parts of a person's brain is being activated as he or she thinks. In tests, it guessed with 90 percent accuracy which of two words a person was thinking about, said Intel Labs researcher Dean Pomerleau."

It's currently only working along side the MRI scanners, and has yet to analyze abstract thoughts, but it signals a step leap in controlling technology with our mind.

The unveiling also comes along side a bunch of other interesting Intel secret projects.


Submission + - Windows 7 service pack leaked to torrent sites (techworld.com) 1

superapecommando writes: An early build of Windows 7's first service pack has been leaked, leading to thousands of downloads on a whole host of various torrent websites.
As with every Windows operating system (OS) release, improvements and fixes often arrive in the form of a service pack, and only last month the Windows team discussed the upcoming Windows 7 SP1 release in a blog post. The team detailed that the first service pack would feature a number of minor updates for the popular OS. However, it is worth noting that the Windows team did not mention a final release date for the completed service pack.

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