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Submission + - Websites can detect what Chrome extensions you've installed (

dsinc writes: A Polish security researcher, Krzysztof Kotowicz makes an worrisome entry in his blog: with a few lines of Javascript, any web site could list the extensions installed in Chrome (and the other browsers of the Chromium family).

Proof of concept is provided here:

As there are addons which deal with very personal things like pregnancy or religion, the easiness of access to those very private elements of your life is really troubling.

Comment Re:Virgin Mobile & other pre-paid vendors (Score 1) 134

Second. I have VM service on my LG Optimus V that I occasionally use as a hotspot with my Linux laptop no problems. It's not teh awesum bandwidth, but it's usable.

Sprint's network (which VM piggybacks on in the US) is pretty good in the bay area and they're not nearly as price-gougy as VZW or AT&T.

$130 for the mifi, $50 for "unlimited" data (throttled after 2.5G) for a month. Resell the device on eBay if you want when you're done. VZW is at least 2x for the device...

Comment Booting from CD/USB (Score 1) 622

Actually, getting a relative newbie to get BIOS to boot from something other than a hard disk is way worse than learning a VM environment IMO. I'm all for the VM idea, whether VMware Player or VirtualBox. VirtualBox can import OVFs, too, so it's fairly easy to get just about anything that has been made as a virtual appliance to work.

Comment San Jose State (Score 1) 432

I worked at SJSU up until 2008 and the policy was that access wasn't particularly restricted in any way but support for non Windows/MacOS was fairly limited.

Except in the College of Engineering--we tried our best to support basically anything the students would come up with, no matter how weird. Getting something bizarre working on our network was a point of pride :-). The school flirted with implementing Clean Access, but I don't know if that ever actually happened (and from the sound of it, the plan was that only Windoze users would have been affected).

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