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Comment Re:When will he be arrested? (Score 1) 666

And then there's the risks when driving at that speed. Back then, power steering was not common, there was no ABS. Tires were not as good. In a few years we'll be adding computer assisted safety features too.

Anyway, this reminds me of a bloom county strip.

Comment Re:You're an idiot... (Score 1) 444

You know, actually, I read something interesting a while ago.

Sooo, as I read that, as sea ice shrinks, ozone hole shrinks.

Which is kinda interesting given past few decades.

It'll be interesting to see if that changes if sea ice/snow increases as it has in antarctic for a while.
(this year was slightly improved over past for the arctic too)

Comment Re: Evil, powerful men have enemies. (Score 1) 242

So, how secure is the pairing? Bluetooth v2.1?

Otherwise, someone could perhaps attack the pacemaker by spoofing an auth'd device.

Also, a few meters is still a decent range, esp for a small concealed device that could lie in wait, and, surely that could be increased w/ more power...

Comment Re:Can't 0wn a powered-off server (Score 1) 267

That would explain a closed website.
It does nothing to explain websites that were left on and serving a "shutdown" page, in some cases, using a redirect such that the actual page loads before sending you to the block page.

It is more directly comparable to Wikipedia's SOPA protest in function. has been brought up a few times.

Comment Re:GNOME: We don't want Microsoft to have all the (Score 1) 729

Eh, looks promising, might give it a shot, but frankly, I don't much trust the main gnome folks anymore after the fun that was gnome3 launch.

MATE works, gaining momentum, family members are all happy (and they were not happy with gnome 3 I can tell you that... my poor mom). I don't really have much incentive to switch.

Comment Re:GNOME: We don't want Microsoft to have all the (Score 3, Interesting) 729

MATE, personally. I've used XFCE4 in the past, but still has just a few too many rough edges for me.

Surprisingly, MATE did rather well in his tests, here. Better than XFCE4. Shame MATE still isn't ported to ARM.

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