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Comment Re:Old proverb (Score 1) 396

Even after Japan attacked, the German issue had only little to do with the US, but it was enough to tip the balance since there was always a segment who wanted to go to war with Germany directly instead of just sending economic support. Also the German conflict slowly grew, and it was initially a problem in eastern Europe where Russia appeared to be what was going to slow or stop them. When the conflict grew to France and England then there really started to be popular support in the US for entering the war. Remember at the time that the US had not taken on any sort of world policeman role.

Comment Re:Old proverb (Score 2) 396

But US can not really do anything. We've got troops still in Afghanistan, the people are sick and tired of over a decade of "pretend nothing is happening" war stance, it's been tremendously expensive and increased the debt to crisis levels. And when we have intervened militarily in the last few decades, especially when being in charge, it's been horribly planned and executed. It's impractical to take on another war, especially a war that is guaranteed to spread to multiple countries.

Like the Yugoslavia break up, this needs to be handled by Europe with America only there as a NATO ally. We don't need to be charging in shouting "We're in charge!"

Comment Re:Still need Microsoft Office unfortunately (Score 1) 285

The "standard" is basically to do whatever the Microsoft product does.

This applies to multiple standards. It's even common for many cheap products to skimp on the standards and only implement a subset that works on Windows even if the standard mandates certain functionality that they leave out.

Comment Re:The Economist (Score 1) 285

I can read a magazine on the toilet, I refuse to take a laptop in there (I don't even own my own, it's a work laptop and it stays at the office). I can't read anything on a smartphone period, the text is too tiny and the interface is awful, smartphones are badly designed nuisances. Similarly, I can read a book or magazine in bed, but not the smartphone and not my desktop computer and I will never own a tablet. I can read the paper or a magazine on a train or plane, but electronic substitutes fail badly there for me (and the books never run out of batteries).

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