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Comment Re:The Economist (Score 1) 285

I can read a magazine on the toilet, I refuse to take a laptop in there (I don't even own my own, it's a work laptop and it stays at the office). I can't read anything on a smartphone period, the text is too tiny and the interface is awful, smartphones are badly designed nuisances. Similarly, I can read a book or magazine in bed, but not the smartphone and not my desktop computer and I will never own a tablet. I can read the paper or a magazine on a train or plane, but electronic substitutes fail badly there for me (and the books never run out of batteries).

Comment Re:Partial statistics (Score 1) 118

I noticed things like "Half Life 2: Lost Coast" is very high on the owned by unplayed list. But I think people got that for free as part of HL2 at some point? I know I've got some HL2 add on that I've never touched (too disappointed that it wasn't a full game with an actual ending, so I'm not continuing that franchise). I think I have one or two other things that are in that category.

Also left 4 dead 2 was given away for free not too long ago, though it has a much smaller percentage of "not played". I suspect people grabbed it when it was free without even knowing much about it, tried it a little bit, then stopped because it wasn't their favorite style of game.

Comment Re:Managed langauges (Score 5, Interesting) 139

I also think that with a low level language that more developers are aware of potential problems than developers using high level languages. In some sense I think this is also due to the types of programs being developed. C/C++ today is common used for embedded systems, operating systems, runtime libraries, compilers, security facilities, and so forth. So systems programmers versus application programmers versus apps programmers. The system programmers are forced to take a close look at the code and must be mindful of how the code affects the system. I think that if you had such a comparison done back in the 80s that the numbers would be different because many more application programmers were using C/C++.

Ie, interview for a systems programmer: do you know about priority inversion, do you understand how the hardware works, do you know the proper byte order to use, what does the stack look like, etc.
Interview for the modern applications programmer: have you memorized the framework and library facilities.

Comment Re:I must be in the minority. (Score 1) 467

I'm pretty sure I'll have a million all told in various things and I'm not the highest paid or even a financial whiz (I'm lousy at investing or monitoring what the money is doing, which is why my peers will do so much better than I will). However that's not as much as it used to be. It's not necessarily a comfortable retirement where I live. The condo I have worth a bit over $300k is dumpy and in a borderline neighborhood, and the price has gone down since I purchased it.

Comment Re:most lego's are a rip off (Score 1) 355

The kits that used to be just a random collection of bricks are a lot harder to find today. Head over to Toys-R-Us and almost all of it (other than big blox things for toddlers) are specialized kits. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc. The lego kits we had in the 70s or 80s just aren't common at local stores.

Comment Re:Way to lose an easy case... (Score 1) 128

People have to get the legislators to make laws saying what is right or wrong. The legal system is only there to decide whether those laws were followed correctly or not and to adjudicate in cases of disputes over the law. Thus the anger of the people needs to be directed towards congress and not the judges.

Comment Re: Bundy (Score 3, Informative) 1633

Most of the land was originally the feds in the first place and only leased to others. And before then the land belonged to the natives who lived in the area before the white man came and decided they wanted it instead. At no point in the long history of southern Nevada was there ever a divinely granted right to this farmer or his ancestors to own or occupy the land.

Comment Re:Militia, then vs now (Score 0, Troll) 1633

The lesson of Nevada is that there are self entitled people who don't realize that they belong to a country. This guy only had grazing rights because the feds allowed it in the first place. Since he is not a native American then the land he is on is only his through the good will of the federal government. If his cattle were grazing on some other private citizen's land then you could be sure that those cattle would have been removed from the land, possibly shot, and any incursion by the cattle's owner with an accompanying gang of militia onto someone else's land would have been likely met with violence. But instead the land he's tresspassing on is the fed's land so that makes it ok to the anarchists.

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