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Comment Re:Autistic huh? (Score 1) 311

I doubt this is the case here, he undoubtedly knew what he was doing and had complete control over it.

However hypothetically if someone has no knowledge of what they did we already have precedent for that case: confine to a mental health institute. The idea here is that the mental health institute is not a punishment but serves a dual purpose of attempting to treat the problem while keeping someone who is a danger to the public away from the public.

Comment Re:Autistic huh? (Score 1) 311

Why should he be treated differently than someone without autism? Assuming he's not just making up that to try and get a lenient sentence. Do you also worry about other criminals who lose chances of geting legal employment in the future? If you want him to get treatment, what do you mean by that? Anti-extortion pills, anti-sexual-predator pills, or do you think that treatment for autism would cure him of criminal tendencies and absolve him of his past crimes?

Autism has nothing to do with this crime, it is not an excuse for it. Now maybe he's also got a psychopathic tendency or lack of empathy or something like that, but none of that is an excuse either.

Comment Re:Cartoon (Score 1) 326

Remember a few years back before ACA when everyone was bitching about rising costs of medical and were accusing the health insurers of making excess profits? Now we have a law trying to rein them in and eventually lower costs, with provisions to stop the worst practices, and now people actually are defending the health insurers!

(sorry, I think the current politically correct terms for health insurers are "job creators" and "private enterprise")

Comment Re:Is there really any point to this? (Score 3, Informative) 326

Two hours for an X-Ray sounds short for the US. Note that all those people who can't afford health care wait until they're really sick and then the clog up the emergency rooms. Which means that if you have a broken bone you sit and wait while the person next to you is coughing from the flu.

Also you'll be able to get care for that back in the future. In the US this won't happen if you can't afford insurance, you'll get emergency care only followed by a string of bill collectors calling to threaten you. The US system only works so far as you've got stable employment at a medium sized company or larger. If you're a food services worker then forget it, you will probalby never be offered health insurance or be able to afford it and just have to hope that your spouse gets insurance on the job.

Comment Re:DRM DRM DRM (Score 1) 317

Which would be fine, if only the sold the games for less than the amount of a comparable game that used physical media. Instead the brand new Steam games are every much as expensive as the competition.

It would also be nice of the Steam DRM was an option. Ie, use Steam when you download the game digitally, but don't use Steam if you purchased a game disk instead or want an alternative copy protection scheme.

Comment Re:Contrary to popular belief (Score 4, Informative) 290

RMS started his free software stance because of the harm he saw that occured with Emacs and he wanted to prevent similar future harm. He didn't just come up with this out of the blue or for no reason.

The existing Unix port of Emacs from James Gosling has been shared, and Stallman and others had been modifying that to improve it to become the first GNU Emacs (such as adding a real Lisp instead of MockLisp as well as making it behave more like older Emacs). Then Gosling put a copyright on his Emacs and sold it to Unipress. Unipress then told Stallman to stop distributing his own Emacs because it now contained copyrighted code. So a marathon hacking session was done to rip out all the older code to sanitize it. And that was the impetus for the GPL.

Ie, older code for a product that had been customarily shared (no one person "invented" emacs, it was a highly collaborative and incremental product). Then one port of it was sold to a company and all the shared code that existed prior to that sale was now tainted and could not be distributed. This directly led to the core principle of the GPL that existing free code could not be made un-free. Also a very big reason why most people do not want people to release any source code that comes without a license included.

I'm not even a big fan of the GPL myself but I respect it. Maybe Stallman seems too idealistic or too paranoid to some people but the reasons for his stance are clear and reasonable.

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