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Comment Re:How safe? (Score 1) 947

In short, I doubt they're doing it to piss off drivers.

I think they were. The bike lanes were not shoddy things, they were real on on hardtop. And they were positively breaking the law! The police didn't care, Stanford police aren't brave enough to take on cyclists. But you assumed off the bat that I must be wrong because cyclists must obviously be correct, despite not knowing what the road actually looked like. Even if you were correct about the bike lanes, they could have ridden single file.

Comment Re:Or buy an iPhone (Score 1) 201

Most of the "crapware" seems to be either replacement apps or the like from the vendor or phone company, or commonly used stuff. Ie, HTC Sense is crapware to some people but vital to others (though it's mostly subsumed since Android updated to have similar features). Or AT&T wants to tie together it's messaging and tv and other stuff, which is no better or worse than Google doing the same, or Apple doing the same, or whatever, but still easily disabled. Then there's the REAL crapware, like automatically having Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, music players, etc. Some people think that stuff if vital though (seriously, twitter??).

If you get rid of all the stuff that people think is crapware, you have nothing left. And this applies to iPhone as well.

Comment Re:Windows 8.x is horrible! (Score 1) 224

What's wrong with Mac keyboards? Sure no Windows key but I rarely use that on Windows. Other than that it's nearly identical.

There are some Windows 8 quirks but on the desktop it's going to be very familiar to Windows 7 users except for the boneheaded move of dumping the start menu. And I like the flat look better than the flashy Win7 Aero. Get a third party start menu replacement and the majority of complaints resolve themselves. Windows 8 is smaller than its predecessor, probably a first for Microsoft.

On the other hand, ALL of its apps are useless in the same way that all apps for smart phones are useless, but even more so. Plus even the free apps require you to be tracked by getting a microsoft account, with no side avenue to acquire them. All their built in apps, every single last one of them, are either broken in some way or no better than a web page, they're unintuitive, difficult to use, buggy, and spend more time presenting you with flash rather than substance. Ie, on a large wide screen monitor most of that area is wasted with very large fonts, unrelated images, and blank space, as if you were giving a PowerPoint presentation. The built in Metro apps all feel like summer intern projects, and not from CS student interns either.

Comment Re:Windows 8.x is horrible! (Score 1) 224

I never dealt with DOS 3.1 that much, because I always had access to real systems running Unix or VMS at work, so why deal with something so primitive at home? Even the competition was vastly better, both non-PC systems like Amiga or Atari ST or Macintosh, as well as other stuff for the PC like GEOS.

Comment Re:Windows 8.x is horrible! (Score 1) 224

And of course MS DOS was conceptually stuck in the 60's. Compare it to CP/M and it's not bad, but compared to Unix V7, OS 360, PLATO, TOPS 10, and others, all of which came much earlier, it was a primitive toy. The fact that MS DOS was kept around even after PCs became more powerful and was used for important office applications was surprising

Comment Re:FTFY (Score 1) 224

Really? I'm on Windows 8 and nothing has yet to ask me to push a button to update it. I only saw its existence once by actually taking the effort to go to their store. Now maybe people who go to the store often might see it as one of the things to get. Meanwhile every single day Firefox is nagging me to get their updates.

Comment Re:does everyone REALLY have IP-connected TV? (Score 1) 419

What do you do with those TVs in 5 to 10 years and Netflix is bankrupt? Keep buying new set top boxes every few years as the market keeps getting upended? Standards are a nice thing to have and internet video doesn't have them yet.

Personally I'd like to see a streaming-to-DVD option. Then I could "tivo" my programs in the middle of the night while still having a convenient to use interface and no rebuffering or "wait for this add", as well as archiving or storing movies when they're available to be able to watch at a later date.

Plus there's the whole issue of bandwidth caps per month. Everyone's going to have this eventually, because far too many people are streaming on demand at peak times.

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