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Comment Re:64-bit BS (Score 1) 512

This is a phone. Yes there are applications that can make use of memory, but that's why you use a full blown computer for it, not something in your pocket that's used to update facebook status and play candycrush. Sure, some people use the phone as a camera or video recorder but if you're at the point where you need tons of memory to do image processing there that means you're much more likely to want to use a more professional system (the smartphone camera system is essentially the modern equivalent of the instamatic or polaroid).

The phone is great when you're not near your real computer, but it's not a replacement for it and never will be except for people who don't need computers except to chat or consume media.

Comment Re: 64-bit BS (Score 1) 512

The assumes there is such a thing an iPad app that would be useful on a Mac. Windows 8 is currently flailing in this area, and it's not because of the lack of apps (one million more fluff apps won't fix that) but because it's a misguided idea to run a phone/tablet interface on a full blown computer.

Comment Re: 64-bit BS (Score 2) 512

The whole thing sounds like a web site tech writer who doesn't understand how things work but who knows how to read press releases and repeat what marketing liaisons say.

64-bit processor will consume more power than an equivalent 32-bit version, so if the extra abilities aren't being used then it's a waste. And the extra abilities are almost all about memory addressing ranges.

Comment Re:missing the point (Score 1) 98

I was talking about the rationale to create the GPL, that implies when it was first created and not the state that exists today. When the GPL was first created it was for software primarily intended for developers. Initially this evolved from the license first used with GNU Emacs, but then when formalized as a "license as subroutine" it was applied to other GNU programs which were primarily GCC and other Unix tools replacements.

Most of the clauses in the GPL are there precisely to allow the end user to modify the program, not just inspect the source code, or at least get a helper to do the modifications (ie, the sysadmin). This means that the end user can actually do the modifications and recompile and run the modified program, thus all portions must be present to allow a full rebuild.

Comment Re:Not Surprising at all! (Score 1) 192

AOL was a latecomer, and thought it could take it's own user base and take over the web and internet which already had more users than AOL did, plus a much longer history and an open architecture. Though in some ways AOL did win because the internet and web eventually became highly commercialized.

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