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Comment Re:Exactly what I expected. uninformed ignorance. (Score 1) 279

"And jesus christ I WASNT TALKING ABOUT GAS i was just throwing that in as a joke you stupid troll. Of course the ISPs are making excuses. You know how cheap internet is europe. It's not because they can magically get cheap internet. The ISPs in Europe are still getting hefty profits. We are just a country full of corrupt politicians that are owned by large corporations."

Yes, and Europe has a hell of a lot denser population, making it a FUCK load cheaper to put in better, faster lines (kind of like living with a few roommates, instead of living in a house by yourself reduces the costs of living allowing you to buy better things). Its not magic its simple fucking economics. Shit you should try comparing, say, cell service in Canada (very spread out population) to the US. The cost of making and maintaining the infrastructure is just fucking insane.

But if the worst thing you have to worry about is the price of your internet then good for you, I'm happy for you.

Now get the hell of my series of tubes, I have much trolling to do and your using my bandwidth.

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