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Comment Re:Computer Science = Algorithm Development (Score 1) 564

“Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.” --Dijkstra

I agree fundamentally with your premise that the field is innapropriately named, but it seems to me that "algorithm development" is unnecessarily pigeon-holing. I think that somewhat ignores areas of study related to but not covered in "algorithm development" such as grammars, compiler construction, some of the background to graph theory (though this is admittedly more algorithmic), etc.

I submit as an alternative "computational science" or even "computational mathematics." Get rid of the noun/thing, certainly, but keep it with math and sciences, because it is. "Algorithm development" would be more appropriate for engineering or trade school. I can't be the only /.er with a BS in CS that didn't want to be a career programmer.

Comment Re:Alternate viewpoint (Score 1) 548

Maybe I'm missing something, but I still don't see how the argument applies. Sure, if Comcast were shaking down Netflix, I could see how that would be a reasonable line of discussion, but they're not... they're shaking down a Tier 1. Level 3 is surely incurring the cost of the vast majority of the long-haul bandwidth, since, well, they're bloody Level 3.

Combine this with Comcast's profit statements, the rate at which their internet access products are growing in both subscribers and revenue per subscriber, their actual or near monopoly status in virtually all of their service area and, perhaps worst, the obvious fact that they offer competing services. That makes a nice recipe for this-is-just-greed, and it's really horrifying.

Comment Re:"jointly developed by Intel and Apple" (Score 0, Troll) 356

Incidentally, I believe Apple also co-developed the i7. I understand Steve Jobs went to one of those intel commercial shoots and told the actors that they should make a "more better processor, with like... multiple cores and more cache... and like... a laptop one too."

If you're interested, I have another concept where they should make some still faster processors, perhaps on a smaller manufacturing process. I think that'd be really awesome. Also, Apple should make a new phone at some point and maybe a music player with more storage. I'm innovating all over the place. I can't wait for my wikipedia article.

Comment Re:Risks vs. Benefits unknown? (Score 3, Interesting) 325

Yeah, seriously. Nobody ever looks at the positives in this whole thing. Missing connecting flights while your girlfriend and/or mother gets groped by someone who is clearly qualified by the virtue of a high school diploma is a small price to pay for the convenience of hour-and-a-forty-five-minute lines for roller coasters suddenly seeming reasonable. They're exactly like safety doctors... brilliant analogy.

Comment Re:Headline Is So Very Wrong (Score 5, Insightful) 1193

Speaking of stupid memes (reference to your other post) what on Earth do you believe the relevancy of the percentage of total tax revenue to be?

6th grade math: if the tax rate on rich people goes down and the percentage of total income tax revenue from them goes up, what does that imply about the relative worth of all groups? The rich are getting richer. A LOT richer. Despite all this economic downturn I've heard so much about.

1st grade logic corollary: given that money is an imaginary metric with a constantly changing but constantly FINITE global quantity, the lower and middle classes are paying for it.

Raising the tax rate on the rich would not be starting a class war. It would be the bottom 90% finally getting around to fighting the class war that the rich started long ago. I know, I know, I'm a heretic, Reagan was the best president ever, and deregulation makes everything all better.

Comment Re:The Law (Score 1) 401

Let me see if I'm following you here. You're effectively saying we should ask if one rich guy can give a lot of money to other rich guys and thereby purchase a word out from under the rest of us by virtue of the other rich guys shoving the word in our faces for the benefit of the first rich guy.

Okay, no stupid questions. I guess we could go with that being a fair question to ask. I'll answer it: No. No no. N-n-n-n-no. Didn't even have to pay me $300/hr for that.

Comment Re:Science or Engineering, huh? (Score 1) 434

Not much in science is really mac-based, or Linux based for that matter, thought I probably will get modded down for mentioning reality :P

First, I agree with the rest of your post, fundamentally, as far as high school is concerned anyway. However, I believe you would be more likely to get modded down for painting with such a broad brush as "science." You could not possibly know the ins and outs of the research methodologies of every field, or even more than "several."

A Linux admin for a research group that would prefer to use anything else... if they could.

Comment Re:FLOSS software? (Score 1) 356

***I obviously cannot speak for any vegetarians other than myself. And I refuse to speak for vegans. :) Also, before I get trolled into oblivion, I answer your question pertaining to "rightness" only for myself, and with no direct judgment or self-righteousness towards yourself or anyone else.

Besides, all plants are living things too. Why is it more right to eat them

Physiologically, the lack of a central nervous system. Philosophically, they appear to lack self awareness, and thus cannot be deprived of any 'self.' Pragmatically, they lack the ability to suffer: no CNS, no pain receptors.

And pizza. [...] and take a sip of my beer

Next time you're at a pizzeria, you might want to recheck the topping list. Also, thankfully, I/we can also drink the vast majority of beers worth drinking without compromise.

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