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4chan Declares War On Snow Screenshot-sm 201

With all the recent hacktivism in the news, Anonymous has decided to take on a new and powerful enemy: snow. On Sunday the group announced that it will "do everything in its power to shut snow down by attacking the Weather Channel and North Face websites, boycotting outerwear, and voting for the sun as Time’s 2010 Person Of The Year." I'm sure there are a lot of people in Minneapolis right now that would wish them luck.

Comment Stupidity (Score 4, Insightful) 309

"The system can optionally inform the user by email that their attempt has been blocked, but without identifying the keyword in question, maintaining the security of the system."

Until the user decides to compare his blocked page with blocked pages from other letters or does a binary search for the forbidden word. Glad they thought this through.

Comment Heraldry fan here (Score 1) 486

Because the binary code is palindromic I think it is a symbol more than a message. In heraldry, symmetry can be an style in your weapon and looking at the weapon itself, it is vertically symmetric. Including a message in binary code in your motto could be an idea but since the weapon already has a motto (namely "Comtemplare Meloria") it can be seen as sort of an achievement and could indicate knowlegde(or degrees) in the area of computer science.

I am not fully sure what to think about this weapon since it is certainly a non-standard one but my best guess is that people are looking for to much into the binary code as a message.

Comment Re:frog in the cauldron (Score 1, Troll) 547

You know what really happens when you throw a frog in a cauldron with boiling water? Its muscles contract and it will be unable to get out in time and boil alive.

However, if you gradually heat the water the frog will notice that the water has become an undesirable temperature and will get out before it boils.

I agree with your theory but your analogy is dead wrong.

Comment Of only it was for a good cause (Score 4, Interesting) 1090

Like making Discovery Channel an interesting channel to watch again. I am not interested in (*City) Ink or in a cake-baking italian. No more seasons of crab/lobster/nessie fishing. I want the interesting stuff back again, learning things I wouldn't have learned otherwise. I will tolerate endless Rex Hunt reruns if this would be the case.

But no, mister hostage taker has some sort of higher goal here. Typical.

Comment There is no (Score 2, Interesting) 314

earthly way of knowing
Which direction they are going!
There's no knowing where they're rowing,
Or which way they river's flowing!
Not a speck of light is showing,
So the danger must be growing,
For the rowers keep on rowing,
And they're certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing...

Comment Re:Very troubling (Score 1) 406

While at first this may seems to be a strange notion, it is actually quite a logical thing. Since the dawn of nationalism(and thus conscripted armies) it has been known that wounded(especially heavily maimed) soldiers negatively affect morale much more than a dead soldier.

The reason is pretty much clear: A dead soldier is a hero and an inspiration for revenge, a wounded soldier is a person who can tell you about the horrors of war and about the things that are waiting for his brothers if they are sent to the front.

In order to prevent armies from disabling soldiers instead of killing them for the reasons listed above, a large number of countries expressly forbid weapons that non-leathally maim enemies(like blinding lasers) so that people would not become to much anti-war(in the war that a nation is fighting) and also anti-war in general(which inhibits a conscipting nation in the ability to wage war).

Comment Re:Hyperbole much? (Score 1) 604

"Can anyone here name a computer manufacturer with a 97% failure rate of a computer line and then try to cover it up and continue to sell them?"

Shuttle with the K48 series. The power supply is way too small(100W) to support (almost any) hardware decently. It usually ends with the components using 95-97W and when the power supply degrades it is overstressed and burns out. It costed us a lot of money, mostly from shipping costs.

Our failure rate: 70-80%

Comment Re:Probability (Score 1) 981

"This is kind of like saying "I flip a coin. What is the chance it lands heads facing up?"

And you say "50%."

And I say, "Incorrect. There is a very small chance it will land balanced perfectly on it's side, so both the chance of heads and the chance of tails is under 50%."

You never specified anything about the coin. If you would say it was a fair coin, I would indeed say that the chance of head coming up is 0,5.

In any other case you ask me a question without giving any information. The coin might well be 1cm thick, which increases the chance to land on its side by several orders of magnitude. It can also be a coin with two heads, making it (near) 1 chance of heads facing up(then again, is this a theoretical coin or a real one).

Furthermore, the chance of a (real) coin landing on one side more than the other is 1 due to the inequalities in a real coin.

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