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Comment Re:Calling Burston Marsteller a PR firm is a joke (Score 1) 162

Well, on some fronts the Romanian propaganda certainly worked. The wife of the dictator of Romania, Elena Ceausescu was a woman who never finished middle school. In propaganda they basically made the world believe that she was a renowned scientist(chemical researcher) and the party even managed to get her a doctorate.

But propaganda can never withstand the shining light of truth and the image of the wife of the dicator as a brilliant scientist evaporated after the fall of communism in the eastern block.

Comment Re:Is your parting line supposed to be a critisism (Score 1) 182

Leaflets were dropped for 2 days before the bombings by the CIA warning citizens that the cities were going to be destroyed, and many of them got out of town.

The US also dropped leaflets advising the Japanese to surrender because resistence was futile.

If you are stupid enough to believe enemy propaganda in whatever form, you are pretty stupid. The leaflets could just as likely be a ruse.

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