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Comment Time vs. environment (Score 4, Insightful) 185

I have productive environments, not times. It just so happens that the most productive time for me is early in the morning - not because of the time frame, but because I'm still alone in the office, without any distractions. Had my coworkers worked from midnight to noon, my most productive time would be in the afternoon. Generally, at least for me, an empty office (not home - too many distractions there) is my most productive environment. Time is unimportant.

Comment Re:Good Ole Southern Cackalacky (Score 4, Informative) 1054

I'm drawing a blank here but about the only thing I can think of that would qualify as close to pornography is the part where Ender beats the shit out of that bully and the book talks about how his medical sheet reads "bruised testicle."

After the teenager's mother contacted police, investigators contacted the school.
School officials have since said two of the three books the teacher read were determined to have materials (primarily swear words) and, in some instances, subject matter and terminology that school administrators consider inappropriate for the middle school.

According to, which claims it has in-house staff and a team of reviewers who are experts in children's media, technology, health and policy matters, "this book was not originally intended for children. The violence is, at times, quite brutal, as kids kill other kids, though unintentionally, and the main character is admired for his ruthlessly efficient violence, though he himself is disturbed by it."
The website also advises parents to be aware of violence, sex and language, but states that the content is appropriate for children 12 years or older.
The student who gave a statement to the school is 14.

Comment Re:Who is responsible? Irrelevant... (Score 1) 148

does it really matter?

Does it really matter if they stole the election? Does it really matter if the government is run not by democracy, but by fraud?

Should everyone stop voting for the party they felt to represent them the best, because of a couple of bad apples? As disgusting as this tactic was, I have hard time seeing how "Yes" would be a reasonable response.

If you feel that the party of the anti-democratic, election-stealing, frauds and liars is the party that represents you...


Submission + - How do you deal with priorities inflation in IT projects?

NetDanzr writes: I work for an IT company that has a steady stream of projects, new features to our existing products and technical support issues. As it is customary, though, our development resources are not sufficient to cover the amount of projects. As a result, our delivery dates are slipping, and as a result the average priority of projects is rising. Where the goal was to have only 10% of projects rated high, within a year nearly 50% of projects is rated as such. Our solution is to completely wipe out the project list once per year and start a new, properly prioritized list. How does your company deal with this inflation of priorities?

Comment Re:Lax attitudes toward child pornography (Score 1) 722

obviously illegal stuff leads to a lot of eye-opening attitudes toward issues of sex and gender. For crying out loud, Reddit's statement actually refers to this new rule as a "slippery slope," as if it's somehow more difficult for them not to censor legitimate information if they can't have a subreddit named /r/preeteen_girls devoted to underage photos submitted by creepy Facebook stalkers.

You're riding a crazy carpet all the way down the slippery slope: You KNOW that they're pictures taken from facebook, but you jump to the conclusion that they're "obviously illegal" child pornography!

Comment Re:The Government gave us a blank check (Score 1) 210

Their whole model was built on the idea that cities would decide to create segway lanes.

Their whole model was built on the idea of having a mass-market outlet to lower the production cost of the underlying technology for use in electric wheelchairs. That line about redesigning cities was Steve Job's.

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