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Comment Re:n00b (Score 5, Interesting) 303

I just can't support an over commercialized, inferior, bloated distro. Debian Stable is the epitome of long term support as a result of the slow release cycle. As a result, you get security updates indefinitely and can install newer software if you want it from backports or source, or install the packages DotDeb for lamp stacks.

As a side note, I have to mention that I have never had an Ubuntu install of any type - desktop or server - that didn't fall into dependency hell upon doing a dist-upgrade. Archlinux for desktops, Debian for servers.

Comment ASUS Republic of Gamers Machines... (Score 1) 403

If I were to buy another laptop, I'd buy another ASUS Republic of Gamers. I have the 17" version from ~2 years ago, and it's ran linux out of the box extremely well since day 1 (barring control of the brightness of the keyboard backlighting).

It was also $1500, but it was an i7 2 years ago with 8gb ram that could be upped to complaints!

Comment Laws and Penalties Do Not Compel People to Stop (Score 1) 604

People will do what they want regardless of rules written on paper. While they may or may not be caught, and there may or may not be consequences, if someone is convicted to do something enough or desires it enough, a mere law isn't going to stop them. My morals won't really ever keep me from driving a car, even if I have to deal with a bunch of robot cars all around me...anyway, robot cars would make Nascar even more boring.

That's why Libertarians such as myself support such mass deregulation...and fewer taxes for that matter, since taxes anymore are used by the governments of the world to reward friends and punish enemies.

Comment Not Actually...$0.058 per GB Isn't Bad... (Score 2) 214

Sale is over, but Newegg sold 1TB Hitachi DeskStars, which actually are reliable now (I have some that have been spinning nonstop for 2 years) for $60 apiece. That's around $0.058 per gigabyte before formatting...not bad at all.

Yes, while the regular price is $80, you've always had to get drives when they're on sale if you want a really good deal, anyway. Same actually goes for SSDs.

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