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Comment What about that pen that records everything (Score 1) 425

Staples had a pen that would record your strokes as you wrote, that you could then download into your PC.

Forget the name, (don't feel like googling), you still need paper though.

I like to write my pseudo-code out ahead of time on certain projects, it would be nice to then import that in when I'm done.

tablets are nice and all, but there's something about hand-writing it out. helps me with memorizing. Typing, "seems" less so.


Comment Re:Which is what, exactly? (Score 1) 2247

Um, because we're all citizens of the same country?

I personally do not have any need for a tsunami warning system. But I'll be damned if I want my fellow citizens put in harms way if we can avoid it.

Why can't we all watch each other's backs instead of trying to stab them there?

Damn. it's not socialism, it's good citizenship.

Comment Re:Any Rabbi worth his salt could have told them. (Score 1) 1014

There are A LOT of people over here who are just to proud to consider that they came from lower level organisms.

You would think that the teachings on pride would help knock them down a few pegs, but those teachings only apply to the other people, "I'm a good christian".

You can't argue with crazy.

Comment Re:No rage, just a lost customer. (Score 1) 722

That's the big push, Netflix wants to push people to streaming, saving the people and them money.

Unfortunately for Netflix, the streaming side is lackluster at best. They need a little more sugar with their medicine me thinks.

They should ( and maybe will) increase the quality of their streaming service, people who don't want to pay $16 will drop the disks, save $2 and go to streaming. win-win...

Disks are becoming an antiquated delivery mechanism anyway. Hell I'm ripping my dvds to my HTPC just so I don't have to get my lazy ass up to change the disk in the player.

This reminds me though, I should change my netflix subscription, I'm still at 3 disks at a time, should bump that down to 2. Save a couple bucks.

Comment Re:This would be suicide for Microsoft (Score 1) 440

That sounds like you had poor coders, not a VB6 issue if the coders aren't professional. I've written/debug plenty of VB6 code. Compared to VS 2010 Visual Basic.Net yeah, it's not as easy in some respects. But there's a familiarity there to "pre-objected oriented" code that a lot of older programmers are used to.

Just because something is new and shiny doesn't mean it's automatically better than the older version. VB.Net 2002 sucked donkey balls compared to VB6, it took them to 2008 to get it good enough for me. I know a few coders now who are just starting to get into .NET and away from VB6, it's not a simple switch for all.

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