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Comment Re:simple (Score 5, Funny) 381

I'm guessing the dicks at the NSA (yea, that's right, I called you all dicks. Prove me wrong.)

Come on man, I've gone through your email, we have a lot of the same hobbies, we could be friends.

You could invite me, or I can just show up and we can go shooting. I already know the time and place. I'll pick up some subs at Blimpie's on the way over, that cool?

Comment Re:Let us all shed a tear... (Score 1) 298

The fact he has a range of books available at 0.01c he can freely buy suggests there is a market, even if it's hard to understand.

That is the problem with the Kindle. It's great at the whole convenience thing, but the fact you have to buy everything new, and the fact publishers are reluctant to even look at the (paper) market and say "Well, there are a lot of people who hold out and buy $15 books for $1 once they can get them used, so let's make our older books available at that kind of discount" makes using a Kindle to read everything a fairly expensive proposition.

Comment Re:It was wrong. (Score 1) 343

The South attacked the United States, not vice-versa. And while it's true Lincoln could kinda sorta have surrendered, it would have been at the cost of making a larger war inevitable in the medium term between a desperate, bankrupt, slave-based economy and a comparatively modern industrialized nation.

I don't think any realistic assessment of the civil war, outside of revisionist "States rights! Not about slavery! Lincoln just wanted power! The South were the good guys they just had this itty bitty slave problem that made them look bad!" crap, leads to a positive outcome if the South ends up nominally independent, especially given the impetus for the split in the first place was the refusal of the North to enforce fugitive slave laws.

Comment Re:Whats the laser used in laser wars (Score 2) 303

It's one of the big errors that scifi movies have with lasers in space combat (the other error being that laser pulses move slow enough to be seen

But combine those two errors, and we have a bit less of an error - Simply one of nomenclature rather than physics.

Pulses of light like we see in the movies would would more likely come from some sort of particle beam. It would travel slower than the speed of light, and most likely radiate energy during its trip (thus making it visible from the side).

Of course, I don't particularly expect that Hollywood grasps either point, they just like cool glowy weapons that also happen to make noise.

Comment Re:Great! (Score 0) 167

Nobody checks people's posting history. I've been called shills for companies I've lambasted in the past and a hater of companies I've expressed a liking for too often to think for a second anyone looks at my nick and goes "Hmm, I don't know this guy, let's check his history"

And yeah, Slashdot could do with one. I've gotten to the point personally that I actually hold off making jokes, because nine times out of ten, I get modded Troll for them, get serious replies, and I even frequently get replies that start "I realize I'm replying to a troll here but...".

Slashdot makes Germany look like the world's biggest comedy club.

Comment Re:We need a new right... (Score 1) 205

Let's complete the job and prohibit all speech. I mean, what the hell, right? It's all just a bunch of noise. I demand silence!

No, no, not all speech - Just corporate speech. Big difference there.

I'll accept that corporations have HUMAN rights when they can reflect on the death of their "children" in a Bhopal-like disaster, while rotting away inside a cage for "life". Until then, yes, I do demand silence from them.

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