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Comment Re:Note that it's against the rules (Score 2) 164

The part where it's Google/Facebook/Whomever that decides whether an account is your and open, not the user.

And the part where this entire discussion relates to people who take positive action to protect their privacy?

How do you propose Google/Facebook/Whomever recognize that "zork98' has the same owner as "bin55go"? Will they go by my fake DOB? As much of my fake mailing address as they require to make an account? My throwaway email address I used to sign up? My randomized user agent? Hell, if you read a few of my posts closely, ignoring the actual content, you'll notice I even affect a fake writing style for accounts to which I actually post often (such as Slashdot).

Okay, technically they have my IP address - Which (in the case of accounts I access from work) could include "only" a few hundred people. And ones I access from the free WiFi at Starbucks in the morning... Well that narrows it down to one of millions.

And therein we have the ultimate irony of policies designed to make you easier to track - Most of them only apply to those dumb enough to make themselves easy to track in the first place.

Comment Re:That's cute, kid. (Score 3) 164

that's why facebook is a big deal, since they're the only one's who have enough somewhat reliable data to actually sell adverts targeted at 20-35 year old people living in country X

My pet iguana's profile would like to disagree with you. Sure, "they" know they have a 20-35YO (in people years) male that studies insects, likes warm weather, and dislikes Tennessee Williams... But I'd like to see them sell something to him.

Comment In other news... (Score 3, Informative) 331

And in other news, Google has rolled out their monthly gratuitous GMail revamp. And no one even noticed, because we've all gotten tired of hunting down the "please give me back the old interface" checkbox somewhere in the labyrinthine depths of the user options pages.

Ah well, at least Slashdot limits its retarded UI crippling and eye-bleed-inducing changes to twice a decade. Hmm, probably due any day now...

Comment Re:Attention Cinephiles (Score 2) 293

I am selling platinum-tipped, lead-shielded, kevlar-reinforced Ultra Mega HDMI 2.0 cables for the low, low price of $200/ft.

Wow, really undercutting Monster by a good margin there! Can I order a palette now and beat the rush?

Oh... Hey, waitasec... I see your game now, Mr. Scam Artist! You didn't mention "low oxygen"! Fraud! Charlatan! Senator! Cad!

Comment Re:Not correct (Score 1) 286

Black's Law Dictionary may be more relevant than OED:

Libel: Defamatory statement published through any manner or media. If intended to simply bring contempt, disrespect, hatred, or ridicule to a person or entity it is likely a civil breach of law. However, if it causes mayhem or breach of peace, it can be a criminal breach of law. Yet, again, if the statement is newsworthy, even if defamatory, proof of benefit to the public is required to avoid criminal complaint.

Comment Re:Thanks to the competition (Score 1) 135

Great, now I have visions of Jeff Bezos standing in front of a crowd yelling. "We. Are. Not. The Only. Game in Town. We will NEVER, NEVER, be the only game in town. We're proud to not be the only game in town! For as long as I live, I swear, as I stand in front of you, we are NOT going to be the only game in town!" followed by cheers from adoring (uh-huh) Amazon staff.

I suspect you meant "definitely", though, rather than "defiantly."

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