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Comment Re:Not correct (Score 1) 286

Black's Law Dictionary may be more relevant than OED:

Libel: Defamatory statement published through any manner or media. If intended to simply bring contempt, disrespect, hatred, or ridicule to a person or entity it is likely a civil breach of law. However, if it causes mayhem or breach of peace, it can be a criminal breach of law. Yet, again, if the statement is newsworthy, even if defamatory, proof of benefit to the public is required to avoid criminal complaint.

Comment Re:Thanks to the competition (Score 1) 135

Great, now I have visions of Jeff Bezos standing in front of a crowd yelling. "We. Are. Not. The Only. Game in Town. We will NEVER, NEVER, be the only game in town. We're proud to not be the only game in town! For as long as I live, I swear, as I stand in front of you, we are NOT going to be the only game in town!" followed by cheers from adoring (uh-huh) Amazon staff.

I suspect you meant "definitely", though, rather than "defiantly."

Comment Graduated with honors. (Score 5, Insightful) 57

"That's what life is, just one learning experience after another, and when you're through with all the learning experiences you graduate and what you get for a diploma is, you die."

Thanks, Frederik, for learning so much in your time with us that you were able to teach, through your example, some of us how to write. Enjoy Heechee heaven, and if you ever figure out how their ships work, come back and see us sometime. (Thanks again. I just realized how the ships work. You pick up a book, you open it to page 1, and *poof*, you're there.)

Comment Re:why should apple steal someone's work? (Score 2) 180

i'm so tired of all the vitriol spewed at apple for "stealing other people's work". they've innovated the hell out of the tech industry and you should be grateful you morons. just having an item or a concept isn't useful until it's affordable and easy enough for lots of people to use it without hassle.

There's a few problems. Foremost is that you are addressing people who are angry at attempts to change computers for the benefit of the average slob. If they were happy flipping switches on a panel (or pecking away at a keyboard illuminated by the green glow of their text terminal) then everyone should be. They want to 'keep it real'.

There are also sour grapes, some NIH, etc.

My favorite from 'them' is "Apple is just a marketing company" accompanied with "anyone could do what they do". Somehow they never are able to explain if it's "so easy" and obvious why did it take until Apple did it for someone to do it? When I pose that question, comments regarding my sexual prefence, my mother's sexual proclivity, and the possibility that my religious affiliation involves a certain fruit based organization are raised.

Comment Re:My give-a-darn meter is reading negative GADs (Score 2) 180

Maps? Google wasn't permitted to improve or do squat with the iOS map app until Apple kicked them off as a standard app. When Apple's maps came out, bad as they were, all of a sudden Google's map app came back improved and updated, with features that were only released on Android because they were now free of Apple's restrictions on what features they were permitted to implement on the IOS version of the app.

There, fixed that for you.

Google wanted to put turn by turn navigation in. Apple stopped them because they didn't want Google advertising on it.

Ahem, fixed that for you.

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