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Comment science vs. religion vs. pseudoscience (Score 1, Insightful) 764

Here goes my good karma here.

Centuries ago, scientists were oppressed by religion.

Now this area of science has become a religion. Objectivity is gone. We see what we want to see. Discard raw data that doesn't support the hypothesis. Discredit anyone who objectively questions the faith.

Congratulations! You have become that which your greatest dignitaries fought mightily against!

Comment I'm done with Ubuntu (Score 1) 567

I've been a Ubuntu user for about 4 years now. A couple of weeks ago I went through the painful process of migrating all of my machines back to Fedora & CentOS. Why? Ubuntu lets people report bugs, but bugs can hang around for years without being fixed. Ubuntu is focused way too much on pushing forward and not paying enough attention to stabilizing a release or fixing long standing bugs. At least Fedora has the secondary mission of getting new technologies stable for upcoming RHEL releases. So far, so good. Fedora is not without its problems but they seem to have their stuff together better than Ubuntu these days.

McAfee Kills SVCHost.exe, Sets Off Reboot Loops For Win XP, Win 2000 472

Kohenkatz writes "A McAfee Update today (DAT 5958) incorrectly identifies svchost.exe, a critical Windows executable, as a virus and tries to remove it, causing endless reboot loops." Reader jswackh adds this terse description: "So far the fixes are sneakernet only. An IT person will have to touch all affected PCs. Reports say that it quarantines SVCHOST. [Affected computers] have no network access, and missing are taskbar/icons/etc. Basically non-functioning. Windows 7 seems to be unaffected." Updated 20100421 20:08 GMT by timothy: An anonymous reader points out this easy-to-follow fix for the McAfee flub.

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