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Comment Re:Riding coattails! (Score 1) 333

> If you need permission to use it, is it really open? I think that's the main point people seem to disagree on here.

In the context "Open" means you are free to read the standard, inspect (and use) the source of the reference implementation and even implement and distribute your own implementation. However at some stage you will most likely have to pay a licence fee if you are distributing h264 encoded videos or a implementation of the h264 codec.

If there was never any chance of attracting a licensing fee then it would be "Free" (as in beer and as in possibly speech).

Comment Re:Good ideas never die, they just rebrand (Score 1) 265

If it gets the graphics card vendors to pay attention to the 2D API's again and improve support, then Hell, yes I'm all for it. Even on XOrg the graphics card vendors ignore the 2D graphics acceleration API's these days with the obsession with 3D. If you are lucky they will accelerate them indirectly through OpenGL. There is a reason why the open source XOrg drivers are generally faster at 2D graphics than the proprietary ones.

Comment Re:James Randi challenge - Take Two (Score 1, Redundant) 453

Please excuse the technical problems with the parent.

Actually if you bothered to JFG, to would find that the One Million Dollars is in an endowment fund account administered by Goldman Sachs, so bar the bank collapsing or it getting embezzeled, the money is real qand is going nowhere.

See http://www.randi.org/joom/challenge-info.html [randi.org] for further info


Netgear Launches Open Source-Friendly Wireless Router 182

An anonymous reader submits news of Netgear's release of the "open source Wireless-G Router (model WGR614L), enabling Linux developers and enthusiasts to create firmware for specialized applications, and supported by a dedicated open source community. The router supports the most popular open source firmware; Tomato and DD-WRT are available on WGR614L, making it easier for users to develop a wide variety of applications. The router is targeted at people who want custom firmware on their router without worrying about issues, and enjoy the benefits of having an open source wireless router."

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