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Comment Why I like Eclipse (Score 1) 586

While I agree with the author about Java, there are other things why I prefer to use Eclipse (over other editors/IDEs)

* The compare editor. Especially in conjunction with the SVN plugin. Very very useful.

* I can have more than one project open, and edit and compare files in both. I may seem like something trivial, but too many other IDEs are deficient in this regard.

Comment Re:Kitchen advice. (Score 1) 372

I agree completely with this.

Also, look at doors and drawers and different solutions for different areas. A slide-out drawer for pots and pans is much more convenient than a cupboard under the sink that you would have to crouch down to.

Make sure that the doors and drawers have handles that your wife can use without breaking a nail.

Doors that open upwards on a spring-loaded hinge are dangerous. Don't even think about having them unless the cupboard is very very high up.

All doors should have dampeners.

Make sure you have power outlets where you will need them.

Comment Re:Let people code how they like (Score 4, Insightful) 479

Coding style is not just be about making code look pretty (according to someone's personal definition of pretty). The purpose of a coding standard is to make the code more readable and thus, more understandable. Having the code look consistent helps in that regard.
Most of the time as a programmer is not spent on producing code but on skimming through other people's code and trying to figure out how something works, or why something doesn't work. Time is money, and it is better that a code writer spends a few extra seconds on making the code more readable than a code reader spending maybe fifteen minutes on the same piece of code because he misunderstood some detail of it the first time around because it was written in a weird way.

There are some things that are more important than whitespace and braces, that are too often overlooked. A coding style/code standard should also include conventions for code patterns, comments and how to choose reasonable variable names ... and these things can not be changed by a "pretty printer".

Comment Re:Why are graphics awesome on Android? (Score 1) 455

Wayland's protocol is asynchronous, in the same way as X11.

X11 requires a round-trip to the application whenever it needs to redraw a damaged portion of a window. This means that if the application (or the communication to the application) is slow, then redraw is slow.
Compare the redraw of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Chrome redraws fast. Firefox redraws slowly, especially when loading a page.

Wayland, MacOS X Quartz and the Windows 7 compositor avoid this problem by being "compositing window managers". They cache the contents of each window in a local buffer, a so called "backing store" and redraw by copying pixels from the backing store.

You can use the compositing window manager Compiz together with X11 to get faster redraw. Today. Without needing to stop using X. With retained network transparency, etc. With all the X extensions that you need.

To me, Wayland seems like a solution to only one problem: There is some tiny tiny lag in the way that Compiz redraws. Not enough that people will notice it, though.

Comment Re:Physicist here. (Score 1) 190

In the case of 'a', there have been a few studies that have shown that there can be a real effect. You have not looked enough.
One problem is that radiation in different frequency band can have different effects, or none. The science that has been done has been done on 1G and 2G frequencies, while most people that use a mobile phone a lot are using 3G, or even 4G these days.

Comment Needs to be integrated with eye tracking (Score 1) 63

I think that in-air gesture recognition needs to be integrated with eye tracking so that the computer can map hand to screen object from the user's line of sight to the screen.
Otherwise, there always needs to be a "pointer" of some kind, a proxy, like a virtual hand or pen on the screen.

It does not need to be a fancy type of eye tracking that detects where your gaze is. It only needs to locate where the eyes are in space.

Comment Re:Can't agree more (Score 1) 1651

When I was a kid, I fell from a bike going high speed down a slope. I scraped my knee and arm pretty badly. I also hit my head. Luckily I was wearing a helmet.

Without the 5 cm (two inches) wide edge of styrofoam, I would have scraped the side of the head, possibly scarring me for life.
I also got a light concussion, which made the left of my head numb for the rest of the day. The helmet broke apart into two pieces. If I had not worn a helmet I would probably have got a much worse concussion.

So, no, there was a difference for the head.

Comment Make it energy efficient (Score 1) 422

The future is not all about telecommunications.
Make the building energy efficient, where it can be. The price of energy is going to go up in the next 50 years. It is much cheaper to design a building to be energy efficient than to retrofit it later.
Of course, dedicated server room(s) needing cooling is a special matter.

I think that a machine shop could be much helped by having a central vac system.

Network wiring is not as important as having conduits for whatever wires that you are going to need in the future. Keep good documentation of where these conduits are. There needs to be wires in the conduits that can be used for pulling other wires through them.

Conduits wells submerged in the floor are much more convenient than having them in the ceiling.

Comment Re:Different skill set (Score 1) 299

A programmer does not have to be a good writer, but a good programmer is a person who has good organizational skills, someone who can write lists of topics and subtopics that the documentation should include.
A good programmer is also good at reading and spotting errors in code .. and in documentation.

Therefore, a programmer could very well cooperate with a professional writer, where the writer does not have to be a good programmer:
The programmer could start writing a terse, stilted documentation. The writer could turn that into something that is more readable.
Last, the programmer could work with the writer to correct any errors or misunderstandings in the work. The result would be better documentation than if either did it on his/her own.

Comment Re:Why would you want to show a live car chase fee (Score 1) 566

There is also the probability that the outcome would have been gruesome in some other way. There could have been an accident where people would have been hurt or killed, or the cops or the perp could have used violence against the other side. Fox News knows this.

Showing a car chase live is only sensationalist entertainment. It has no real news value. If you learn anything from it, it may be afterwards, or not at all. If it should be shown on TV at all, it should be shown in the context of something with a substance.

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