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Comment Re:Sorry to be the pessimist, but ... (Score 1) 472

I don't know if I am going to take you seriously or not...
Are you a Larouche-supporter (they don't believe in global warming and equate Obama with Hitler) or just trolling? ;)

I'm sorry, one word was lost from my previous post. I was specifically talking about [b]self-driving[/b] automobiles when I was referring to infrastructure - not all cars. There are still going to be roads for cars, for sure.
I believe that self-driving automobiles are not going to be a completely self-contained system - it is going to require infrastructure and legislation, and I don't believe that people in their right minds are going to invest public money in it because that money is going to be sorely needed elsewhere.

Comment Sorry to be the pessimist, but ... (Score 1) 472

I am not so sure that we are going to have the infrastructure to support automobiles about the time when the control tech is good enough for widespread deployment.
Only recently, peak oil came and went and worldwide economic growth has plateaued. Even if we cut emissions of greenhouse gases completely right now, there is still enough of it in the atmosphere to cause climate change that is going to manifest itself in famine, "act of god" disasters, economic turmoil, civil unrest and wars across the world.

It was a beautiful dream. That is what it was.

Comment Re:"Cleansing" diets (Score 1) 291

Some foods that are often toted as being "healthy" and "full of fibre" are known to linger in the colon longer.
A prime example of this is linen seeds - which can be quite common in wholegrain bread.
Another culprit is nuts. Raspberry and tomato seeds also.

I know this because I had a colonoscopy where I could see these seeds up close in my colon.
I had eaten bread with "yellow linen seeds" a few days before, not knowing about the seeds in the bread - because they were yellow I could not see them.
I had also eaten several slices of mazarin cake for and after my birthday a week before, and there were quantities of almond fibres that lingered.

Comment Bad idea because of radiation (Score 1) 682

The dangers of cell phones are not entirely known. There are some signs that they are not good in the long run - and especially not for kids.

There are animal studies that have shown that radiation from cell phones have killed brain cells and suppressed cognitive abilities.
There are doctors and scientists within radio-medicine that are dead-sure that we are going to see an epidemic of primary brain tumours in cell phone users in ten to fifteen years.
There are studies that hint (but yet none that prove, that I know of) that cell phone radiation could even be addictive.
A four year-old's brain is smaller, which means that there is less tissue between the phone's antenna and the areas in the brain that are responsible for higher brain functions. A kid's brain is also developing at a fast rate than an adult brain, which means that any change would have a greater impact later in life.

I say, let your child choose to use a cell phone or not when he is old enough to make an informed decision. In ten years time, we should know a whole lot more about the matter and your child should be a bit wiser as well.
I also don't think that you should let him use a digital cordless phone either (because they radiate more than cell phones do).
Whenever he borrows someone else's cell phone, he should preferably use a handsfree instead of holding the phone directly to the skull. Even a Bluetooth headset is better: it radiates a thousandth of what a typical cell phone does.

Comment Re:Myth of Global Warming (Score 1) 324

It is not that easy as "Oil will run out, problem solved".

Peak oil implies that it is harder than before and becomes progressively harder to extract the oil that is left. You need to spend energy to extract oil, and as it becomes harder to extract oil, you need to spend more and more energy.
And where do you think this energy is coming from? Are oil companies using renewable energy? Get Real!
No, what we see already is that emissions of green-house gases per unit of oil is increasing, and that it will continue to increase until the demand for oil is gone.

Comment Re:Changes! (Score 1) 346

I was going to write this if you hadn't already.

I wouldn't want to live in a climate where the seasons do not change.
I want the spring flowers and the autumn leaves. I want to swim in the lake in summer and skate on it in the winter. I want white Christmases!

Comment Re:Probably a good thing (Score 2) 729

You must have misunderstood how it works in classic X apps. You read as if you have never used it in X.

Paste-on-middle-click pastes into the text area that you middle-click on, and nowhere else.

The mechanism is also separate from the usual Cut/Copy/Paste functionality. Middle-click is used to paste the selected text, not what is on the clipboard. It is very fast and convenient, done completely with the mouse. The modality is not broken.

Comment Nemesis: Debunked theory (Score 4, Interesting) 199

There has previously been a theory that these mass reoccurring extinctions would have been created by the near passing of a hypothetical star that we would have been unable to detect because it would be on the other side of the Oort cloud.
I suppose that this new finding will debunk that theory for good.

The hypothetical star had been named Nemesis. I know of it only because I ready about it in a novel by Asimov recently.

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