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Comment Re:Branding matters, both for consumers and for (Score 1) 293

Bah. You are over-analysing. "Windows" is a crap brand, plain and simple, and that is both Microsoft's fault and Microsoft's fault that they don't realize it.

Normal users associate "Windows" with work, malware, slow computers (because of malware, or the software installed to combat malware) and annoying popups (not just malware, but Windows itself: Sticky keys, "You have unused icons on your desktop", etc.)
When people see a "Windows Phone", they think "do I have to install antivirus on it", not "oh, this is something that I am going to love".

I think that Microsoft should have used the name Metro, (which is what the touch-screen interface was called before it was renamed "Modern".):
"Metro-phone", "Metro-tablet". "Metro-app in a window on the MS Windows desktop" etc. ...

Comment Re:Lenovo. (Score 1) 477

On computers with different screen sizes and aspect ratios, you can not compare just pixel size.
1920Ã--1080 is low resolution if your screen is 50" 16:9, like a modern TV.
If your screen is 13", then 1920Ã--1080 has a resolution of 169.5 pixels per inch, which isn't that bad.

For a desktop computer's screen, I would say that 100-110 PPI is the "sweet spot" for using most applications without any screen scaling. For a laptop you often have the screen closer to your eyes, so you would want a somewhat higher resolution.

Comment Re:Pure greenwash (Score 1) 495

They will just substitute the meat for fish. This is Norway after all - Norwegians were raised on fish.

Actually, modern Westerners eat a lot more meat these days than we used to. We eat twice as much meat now as we did in the 1980's!
Did people revolt in the 1980's because they did not get enough meat? .. I don't think so.

Even in the 1980's the average Westerner ate a lot more meat than humans has done ever throughout human history. So ... No, cutting down on meat a little is not unnatural.

Comment Re:An example to follow (Score 1) 495

Actually it is not farting, but burping. Cows are ruminants.
They also grow slowly compared to pigs and chickens, which means that they burp a lot during their life time.
Sheep are ruminants too, making mutton just as bad from a climate standpoint as beef.

Then there is cow-dung, which if not used properly (as fertilizer or fuel) will release unnecessary nitrous oxide into the atmosphere ... and nitrous oxide is a very potent greenhouse gas. One tonne of nitrous oxide is considered as potent as almost three hundred tonnes of CO2.

Comment Re:ridiculous... (Score 1) 495

I don't have that many numbers, but I estimate that an average Norwegian would reduce his carbon footprint by around 1% by having meat-free Mondays.
Mind you that the average Norwegian's carbon footprint is relatively large to begin with, about twice as high as a citizen of Sweden (Norway's nearest neighbour).

If a Norwegian reduced his other emissions to that of a Swede, then the saving of going Vegetarian would be 15%, and that is significant.

Comment Re:In favor of what? (Score 1) 495

You don't know much about Norway then... Norway has always been big on fishing, relative to their small population.
In recent decades they have become big in fish farming.
It is the higher intake of land-animal protein in the last hundred years that is the anomaly in the big picture, not the recent introduction of "meat-free Mondays".
Also, beans don't have to be imported. There are varieties of beans and peas and other plants that contain protein that grow just fine in Norway.

Comment Realization of unsustainability (Score 4, Insightful) 926

I think that the fear at the top has come from the realisation that the way the US works is unsustainable in the long term. I am thinking primarily of the debt-based economy that is based on economic growth to function, the large dependence on oil and the effects of global warming becoming more apparent.

These are smart people. They understand that change from post-WWII model is inevitable and that this change may not come easy.
There is a large probability of future social unrest, riots and organised armed resistance against the ruling caste, so they do what they think is necessary for them to retain control of the country in the future. This is what I think is the real reason behind the de-democratisation of USA.

Comment Re:Impaired Driving Abilities? (Score 1) 638

There is study and then there is practical training. What you are describing is study.
I don't think that military pilots spend six months reading books on how to use the helmet-mounted HUD. The use it practically, under supervision from instructors who have experience in how it should and should not be used.

Comment Re:Oh, I totally agree... (Score 1) 791

The power cable is to provide power for the phone, so that it can be charged while you play videos from it.
You can't charge a phone over HDMI. If you need a Micro USB-to-HDMI interface for your phone, then it is likely that your phone doesn't have another port through which it can be charged. I have never seen a phone with more than one Micro-USB port ... have you?

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