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Comment Re:Oh, I totally agree... (Score 1) 791

The power cable is to provide power for the phone, so that it can be charged while you play videos from it.
You can't charge a phone over HDMI. If you need a Micro USB-to-HDMI interface for your phone, then it is likely that your phone doesn't have another port through which it can be charged. I have never seen a phone with more than one Micro-USB port ... have you?

Comment Re:Oh, I totally agree... (Score 1) 791

There are two "standards" for video over Micro USB but neither is actually using any USB protocol.
The devices do some tricks to discover that they should both use the fast video protocol, and then they do that.

Video over Lightning is more like video in packets over real USB, at low bandwidth. The phone compresses the video signal before sending it over to the dongle, which decompresses it and translates it into HDMI.
That is also the reason behind the high price of the dongle.

Comment Re:32 bit? (Score 1) 122

The "64-bit" Intel and ARM have more to do with new instruction set architectures than the size of a processor word or the address space.
The new instruction sets are more capable than the ones before, not just in the larger size of pointers and words but also in other ways, such as in the number of registers. For instance, ARM's "64-bit" ISA has 32 integer registers instead of 16.

MIPS32 is already a very capable instruction set, with 32 integer registers from the start. The 64-bit MIPS instructions is just an extension, not a replacement as on ARM and Intel.

Comment No cooling ducts? (Score 0) 55

When I saw the header, I thought that the rocket engine would have 3D-printed cooling ducts around its nozzle. It is something that Apollo / space shuttle - sized rocket engines have, but which can be quite complex. This engine doesn't.

The same 3D-printing process used here is commonly used for making steel moulds for injection moulding, particularly because 3D-printing can create cooling ducts in the moulds which are impossible to machine with current methods.

Comment Re:Chromebook is a waste (Score 5, Informative) 115

I see Chromebooks as:
1) For those who want to serf the web casually but prefer mouse and keyboard over touchscreen interfaces.
2) A proper netbook, as it was supposed to be. The first netbooks were quite similar to the Chromebook concept, a legacy-free system with a small (often Linux-based) OS that wasn't too taxing on the machine. Then Windows hijacked the "netbook" concept and made them into underpowered Windows PCs instead.

That said, I really don't see any reason why we shouldn't be able to also run touch-oriented Android apps on the ChromeOS desktop.
Google, go show Microsoft how it should be done!

Comment Warning: Ad pop-ups on mouse-over (Score 5, Informative) 115

The page linked to has annoying ad pop-ups that show when you hover the mouse pointer over keywords. The summary above is practically all the info in the article, so there is no reason to go there.

And by the way... How did this article get up-voted enough to get to the first page? There is nothing particularly interesting about yet another Chromebook with incremental updates over its predecessor ... or is there?

Comment Re:the most basic data structures (Score 1) 598

The important thing is not to know the structures and algorithms, but to know about them: understand what drawbacks and benefits they have in each circumstance so that you choose how to best select which one to use and how to best use them.

When it comes down to using one of them, you will most often use a highly optimized version from a library. But no matter how fast or how memory-efficient a specific implementation is, the fundamental properties of the algorithm remain.

Comment Re:Sorry to be the pessimist, but ... (Score 1) 472

I don't know if I am going to take you seriously or not...
Are you a Larouche-supporter (they don't believe in global warming and equate Obama with Hitler) or just trolling? ;)

I'm sorry, one word was lost from my previous post. I was specifically talking about [b]self-driving[/b] automobiles when I was referring to infrastructure - not all cars. There are still going to be roads for cars, for sure.
I believe that self-driving automobiles are not going to be a completely self-contained system - it is going to require infrastructure and legislation, and I don't believe that people in their right minds are going to invest public money in it because that money is going to be sorely needed elsewhere.

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