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Comment Re:iFirstPost (Score 1) 587

I agree with you. I can't be bothered paying 10c to get a "whats up?" text. ~$5 for an episode of the simpsons etc. Pay 100-200 for a phone worth having plus sign up for $50 a month for the next 2-3 years ... no thanks. For me phones are for making phone calls. I spend 90% of my waking hours within 20m of a computer why would I settle for a 4" screen that costs about 1000X more to provide data?

Comment Re:It's Quite Disingenuous (Score 2) 513

I mostly agree with you but I'd imagine when tuning their algorithms, ie all the time, they have to look at individual emails and see if a manual person would come to the same conclusion that their bot does. They might just test it with their own corporate mail, or have some sort of anonymizing layer that processes the messages first but at some level any mail service will have a IT guy looking at actual messages occasionally. When you are running a separate business process off of the mail you have more reason to need to read emails.

I worked for an antispam vendor and we occasionally (few times a week per developer) had to track down a blacklisting problem which ultimately meant we read the headers and body of the message, did reverse lookups of the senders, pulled mx records from the registries etc. But this is all customer initiated and for their benefit: they want their mail or got spam they didn't think they should have vs us as a vendor reading the mail for our own benefit.

Comment Re:Where's the lie? (Score 1) 513 is pretty slick too. For all the gmail users out there worth getting a burner account just to give it a try. I still use gmail as my primary and outlook as my burner but for better or worse MS did a great job giving the Win 8 look and feel to a webmail solution.

It is a matter of business model I think: MS makes money by selling software. Google makes money by selling ads. Both will do whatever steers you towards their profit centres: Google is much more heavily benefited by having detailed info about you, MS not so much they are pretty confident that you'll either want to or will have to use their software.

Comment Re:Horribly Unfair (Score 1) 472

Really? Unions effectively exist to ensure everyone is treated fair (ie the same). They kick up a stink if anyone mucks with the seniority table that was handed down by God. A lot of non-union workers are the same way: but we do the same work, why does he make more? Heck managers are bad for it too, while in university I worked on a packaging line. We had a lady working with us that was nice but slloooooww. She literally did half of what was supposed to be her job and the guys on either side of her had to do the other 50% to keep the line running. When it came time for employee evaluations I got something like a 92% out of 100% she got 87%. They did at least show the right direction in the comparison but I'd more realistically say it should have been a good 10 points lower for her at least. Another case of people being afraid to being seen as unfair.

Comment Re:Horribly Unfair (Score 1) 472

It's not necessarily unfair just because it is unequal. Perhaps Bob got a raise because he's a better worker than you. Perhaps he made more money to start because he is seen as having more potential (eg. more experience, more education etc). Everyone isn't the same and ultimately it is up to the employer what they pay, they have to way employee happiness/retention with the value they expect to get from each individual employee.

Comment Re:To play devil's advocate... (Score 1) 472

I was a bit surprised HR departments share the information. As far as I recall (and I actually read the whole contract/employee rules when I get them) I haven't seen anything saying this info would be reported to the credit bureaus. The flip side is though it is part of your credit report. You choose to share your credit report with your financial institution when you apply for a loan. If you chose not to that is your right and it is their right to then refuse to give you a loan.

Comment Re:I have a better idea... (Score 1) 649

I'm not sure if this is true or not but: average bank balance is -2490 in the US per capita. I'm assuming that is chequing - credit card balances. So take my bank account and die. I will never pay your credit card and will be better off.

Another source said that the average bank balance was $2100 (presumably before cc debt is taken into account). The bank and auto bailouts were around 800B that is $1333 per person. So you'd just be out another $800 per person but at least you wouldn't be giving the money to the companies/shareholders that took the risk in the first place. The person taking the risk needs to be the one to take the loss because you know damn well they take the reward in the good times.

Comment Re:I have a better idea... (Score 1) 649

Exactly. Too big to fail means they'd really screw the economy if they fail. So give them a deadline. Get yourself no bigger than XB or 30% of any one market by 2015 or we'll sell off/close business units for you.

The efficient market nutjobs go postal when any sort of control is asked but it doesn't stop them from coming with their hands out when they miss a bonus target for a year. Companies shouldn't have been allowed to get this big to begin with but now that they are they need to be forced to get smaller. Ratchet the taxes up 1% per year if you are bigger than a certain threshhold. Eventually they'll sell or have troubles and be picked off by the lower cost smaller competitors or not be able to take new business because they will be priced out of the market. This tax can be called a too big to fail insurance premium if you want. Regardless, companies that make themselves big enough that they get to compete better because they know they can run to the government whenever shit happens need to pay for that guarantee.

Comment disappointment (Score 1) 1130

Official boats: they must be they have flashing lights. No really good clips of any "action" a half dozen blank rounds getting fired and a few choppers flying around, woo hoo. These are blackhawks right? So what is it M-60's or something they have. Now if it was Apaches with their Bushmasters going :)

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